• Well, over the weekend we got up to two feet of snow in places, mostly west of here. cam160011.jpgThere’s a foot and a half in my front yard, and in my driveway.  We shovel it out, but since the yard is west of the drive, and the prevailing wind is form the west, the drive fills in about as fast as we shovel Better to just hit the four wheel drive button.It never ceases to amaze me how frightened of their own equipment most drivers are. I had one woman, obviously driving her hubby’s cherished truck… a 4Runner, fully set up for offroad, at 10 mph down a plowed street here on Saturday morning. Scared to death, that’s what she was. My Rainier performed brilliantly in the deep stuff, surpassing my wildest expectations. Nice to know if I have to get there, snow it’s an issue.What is an issue around here is the PLOWED snow… which tends to pack it into ice… great for driving… or the salted stuff, which is easier than standing water to hydroplane on.  I wish they’d just leave the roads alone when this stuff comes along. Plow, sure, but leave the salt out of it, unless you’ve got enough to get rid of the slush, too. And they don’t.You can imagine that this storm slowed things down around here a bit, but as it stands, we’re back up to sub-par. Here’s a pic from a NYSDOT camera, about 2 miles from my house, here. You’re looking east toward Rochester, along I490, at Mt Read Blvd. Notice that the onramp from Mt Read is still snow-covered.  My guess is this is the last serous winter storm of the year, though I do recall the one about 10 years back where I totaled my van, (yes, slush and hydroplaned tires)… so you never know.
  • Am I alone in my amusement about how the left is making a political issue out of every change in the weather, as I sit here, up to my pipicks in snow? I doubt it.
  • feild.jpgIn case you hadn’t heard and you actually cared, Obama won in Wyoming, over the weekend. Not that it’s all that important, the state has been voting overwhelmingly Republican since 1968. The whole state contains only a half million people. Democrats are a small portion of that total. Yet, the MSM is on it like a wet T-shirt on curves. Never figure that one out, I think.
  • Ya know, when the documents surrounding Bill Clinton’s pardons finally do come out, assuming they ever do, there’s going to be a lot of people wondering why we didn’t demand they were released previously. Think about it; If they hide nothing that would end Hillary Clinton‘s presidential bid, she’d not be expending energy to hide them from view now.
  • Or, maybe it’s now the VICE-presidential bid. Word on the street… unconfirmed… has been that Hillary would be willing to take the number 2 slot on an Obama ticket. Mona Charen confirmed this one last night, by way of Chuck Todd. Such is the degree of desperation to attain power that is within Hillary Clinton. But I suspect that this would be the worst deal for both of them. As I said previously in these spaces, the ego of each is too big. If you’re Obama, do you want Billary hanging around your neck? And given Vince Foster, do you really think you’ll last long enough to complete your first term?
  • Gas prices? $4/gal?  No.  The only way that’s going to happen is if the Democrats manage to raise our pump taxes at the state and federal levels again. The only way the gas prices are going that high, other than that, is if oil goes to $200/bbl.  That’s simply not going to happen.  My read is this bubble is it’s own undoing. Matter of fact, I wouldn’t be shocked to find prices o crude going back to $70/bbl in the near future, (say, inside the next three years) with the associated price drops at the pump. It’s the speculators, you see, that are pumping all these higher prices in, not the oil companies, and not the Arabs. I suspect a lot of this is investments directed at weakening the dollar by people like George Soros, for example…. money leaving the dollar and going to commodities. The reality is the stockpiles and oil resources on hand do not match the per bbl price being anywhere near what it is now, much less higher. And here’s a clue; When the per bbl price of oil comes down, it’ll come down FAST. We’re likley to see $70/bbl by june, says Kiplinger Kudlow, too.
  • The girl in the Clinton 3am ad turns out to be a rather vocal Obama supporter. How’d THAT happen?
  • Interesting article in the Toronto Sun, a few days ago, that someone sent me over the weekend from Salim Mansur. He makes an argument that I’ve been making for as long as I’ve been blogging: Multiculturalism cannot survive.

    Future historians of the phenomenon known as “multiculturalism” that the West bone-headedly adopted towards the end of the second millennium will note the precise time when it was dealt a mortal wound. It was at 8:46 on Tuesday morning of Sept. 11, 2001, when the first of the four commercial airliners hijacked by Islamist terrorists — all of Arab origin — struck the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York City.

    Multiculturalism institutionalized as a policy, run by self-perpetuating bureaucracies and sustained by entrepreneurs of a growing multicultural industry, became an easy ride for its proponents and clients.

    Immigrants were not required to embrace the West’s culture and complex history; and the West did not have to strain itself in instructing immigrants on the need or importance of embracing it, warts and all.

    Multiculturalism worked so long as the illusion of cultural harmony could be maintained.

    But once the sham of equality got exposed by the heat of Islamist violence — once it became undeniable that a culture in which a woman, for instance, can assert her individual freedom without fear is not at par with a culture where a woman’s worth is less than that of a man — multiculturalism as an idea was dead.

    Indeed, yes, and it’s about time this chant got picked up. But you know, I wonder how the Human rights commission up there’s going to take all of this. I can’t help but think we’re going to see some backlash from the Canadian government… and soon.

  • Finally, you’re right, Mark, it IS high comedy. But given the puppy-dog devotion and the long term blindness to what the Clintons represent, it was not unpredictable. We predicted this day of reckoning for nigh on a decade, now.  The pettiness and fear mongering they now decry is exactly what they were defending 9 years ago, though they will only tacitly admit it now. Which leads us to the question of how stupid one has to be to ignore it for so very long. Yeah, I want these morons running my healthcare. Right.

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