• fromparcol20002imagefile.jpgThey’re waking up, sorta. Drum, today:
  • VITRIOL….Atrios:

    The campaigns and candidates themselves may not get nasty, but I get the sense that supporters of the various candidates are getting angrier at the other camp. Sure a lot of this is just relatively harmless virtual world internet flaming, but it has real world manifestations too.

    This has sort of taken me by surprise too. I’m reminded of the old saying that the smaller the stakes, the more vicious the battle. Obama and Clinton are obviously different in some important ways, but overall there just aren’t any huge gaps between them, either in ideology or governing theory. They’re both great candidates (as was John Edwards), and I confess that I have a hard time understanding the level of vitriol that the race has produced among supporters on both sides. I sure hope that all the doom and gloom talk is just talk, because anybody who’s seriously thinking about sitting out this election if their guy doesn’t win is being an idiot.

    Not really, given McCain. But what’s really happening here is the real loyalties are being exposed, here. Your point, Kevin, about there not being water between the two Democrat candidates is more correct than you know. But actual policy differences have not been what’s been driving the Democrats since Reagan, anyway. Why on earth would that change, now? Oh… and I should note that your being unable to recognize that point shows clearly that you’re part of the problem, as is Atrios.

  • Further, I note the Democrat on Democrat violence continues unabated, which further proves the point.
  • Gateway Pundit notes a rather interesting connection between Obama and Terrorism. The Jawas are on it as well.
  • It’s an interesting discussion…. the question of how much Limbaugh influenced Hillary Clinton’s primary wins in Texas and Ohio. OTB has some discussion on this. Personally, I figure it’s likely he did in fact influence things, and if nothing else, it shows clearly the strength of the Republicans in those states, given the exit polling we’re seeing. But more, it shows how McCain got the Republican nod. Do we really want open primaries, people?
  • Snow and ice here last night. Not 1991 ice storm type but big enough to have me casting a wary eye at that tree in my backyard, and my power lines.
  • I see where Clinton has suggested that Obama would make her a good VP. Well, first, no, because I don’t think he makes a good much of anything at all. (Which arguably makes him a perfect fit) Secondly, no, it’s not going to happen, either way. Clinton won’t be Obama’s VP and Obama won’t be Clintons. In truth, the ego of each is too big for the other to deal with. Obama would never stand for the Clintons “We are the Vice President” pooping on Obama’s parade, and versa visa. Of course the speculation is that the combo, either way it’s presented to the voters would be a winner by about 6 points at least, for whatever that’s worth. I guess all this proves is the slippery grip the Democrat voter has on reality. In any event, it’s too early in the campaign for any such measurement to be meaningful. And like I say, ego is the biggest factor here. Ain’t gonna happen. Bottom line is this was Hillary, claiming victory and rubbing Obama’s nose in it. Which, I suppose also puts an interesting spin on her ability to discern reality.
  • McGehee takes the occasion of Huckabee dropping out of the race to point out that he’s yet another one who won in Iowa, and lost the race.

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