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Newsflash: The Welfare State has NOT Ended

Bob Lonsberry [1], today:

Like a fool, I went back and forth for most of three minutes, from the apple bin to the scale and to the apple bin again. I had two dollars and I wanted two apples and two pears, for lunch, and if I could find an apple small enough I could just afford it.

The right fruit finally found, I went to the registers and took my place in line.

The woman in front of me was in her 20s, healthy and young, with a fancy fruit drink and a gourmet salad. The salad looked pretty good. She had a leather coat and several pieces of garish gold jewelry.

And then I had one of those American moments.

One of those commonalities that bind us together and drive us crazy and are the foundation of folklore.

While I stood there with my miser lunch, the leather-coated, jewelry-wearing, designer-beverage drinking, foo-foo salad eating healthy young woman opened her money-stuffed purse – and paid with food stamps.

Years ago, it would have made me angry. Now I take it in stride, as just another testament of a curse upon our society.

And welfare is exactly that, a curse which steals money from taxpayers and initiative from recipients. A scourge which damages and divides by promoting resentment and debasing responsibility.

Bob goes on to make the point, correctly, that welfare doesn’t need reform, per se’, it needs extermination.  I could comment at lnegth, but not without stealing Bob’s fire.

Worth a read.