Mrs. William ClintonRay Gustini, Radar, is reporting that Mrs. Clinton has purged her campaign website of all deferences to Eliot Spitzer:

Either way, Hillary Clinton has already delivered the first of many “You’re dead to me, Eliot”-moments, sponging her campaign website clean of all mentions of Spitzer’s endorsement last May. Spitzer’s name was gone from the website less than an hour after the Times story broke-impressive timing when you consider it took Mitt Romney nearly an entire day to decide to throw Larry Craig under a bus last August.

Why?   Eliot Spitzer, a.k.a. Client 9.  appears to be an adulterer.   Since when did adultery become a significant matter to Mrs. Clinton?   B.J. Clinton has been an adulterer for the Clintons’ entire marriage.   Yet aside from professing, or feigning, some personal hurt feelings, Mrs. Clinton has never made any attempt to disassociate herself politically from B.J. Clinton.   It was only Mrs Clinton’s endorsement of B.J. on Sixty Minutes in face of his affair with Gennifer Flowers which the Clintons to get elected in ‘Ninety-Two.

Or is Mrs. Clinton’s objection more nuanced.  like former Clinton adviser Dick Morris, Spitzer has been accused for paying for sex.   So far as I know, none of B.J.’s numerous trysts were of the professional variety, provided you discount James Carville’s remarks about trailer parks and one hundred dollar bills.

So why does Mrs. Clinton accept endorsement from some adulterers, but not others?

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