Eliot SpitzerEliot Spitzer, a.k.a. the Sheriff  of Wall Street,  has reportedly been linked, AP, video. New York Times,  to  involvement in a prostitution ring.

Hat tip:  Michelle Malkin.

Bye-bye Eliot.

Addendum I: (Bit)

And there it is, Gang… The scandal that will likely throw New York over to the Republicans in November, since the criminal aspects of this will be coming up just about at that time. Between that, and the roughly 60% of New Yorkers who disapproved of Spitzer and the way he performed his job, I’d say that the chances are good that the Democrats are going to be hurting, state wide.

Clearly, the hurried way Spitzer is withdrawing from office suggests he’s trying to minimize the investigation. I would speculate that he and his will say this is to avoid getting the family publicity they don’t want, but I would suggest that the real reason is to minimize the political fallout here in the Vampire state.

More political fallout:  I point out that Spitzer is a super-delegate promised to Clinton.

Addendum II: (Bit) 

Jon Henke says the law surrounding prostitution should be changed.

I tell him over there:

Change the law if you think you’ve got the votes for it, Jon, but I submit to you there’s a bigger problem being exposed here. That being, a profound disrespect for the law… any law… not just ones surrounding sex for money… except insofar as it served his purposes.

There’s this, also: If Spitzer had arrived in his current position by any other means than by way of the AG’s position, it might not mean so much. But the impact on any Democrat wanting to run on a law and order platform in this state is now lessened and damaged.  And you know, that’s a larger impact than you might expect. In a lot of ways, he and Obama are a lot alike… implicitly and explicitly promising miracles. Spitzer was elected by a huge margin, with all the great expectations attached to it.

Perhaps the hero-worship aspect of Spitzer’s election, and the failure of the candidate, will lessen the attachment to another rather messianic…. Obama.

I mean, are we really supposed to believe that this is the first extra legal activity Mr. Law and Order’s partaken in?

If I’m Joe Bruno, I’m laughing, today.

Addendum III:  (David L)

Eliot Spitzer should not worry about Joesph Bruno.   All Bruno wants to do is to keep his job.?
Spitzer should worry about Andrew Cuomo, who wants Spitzer’s  job.

I don’t think sex outside of marriage is necessarily fatal to a politician. However Spitzer is not most politicians. Most politicians did attain fame and office by running a holier than thou campaign, video:

According to Spitzer there is right and there wrong.   Spitzer is on the wrong side of his own line.

Hat tip video:  Christopher Beam, Slate.

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