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Coming Soon to a White House Near You: Bobby Jindal

Interesting note from Baton Rouge by way of NOLA.COM [1]

BATON ROUGE — The state Legislature on Friday wrapped up its second special session during the 2-month-old administration of Gov. Bobby Jindal by completing a full sweep of the governor’s proposed package of business tax cuts and $1.1 billion in surplus spending priorities.Jindal and his legislative allies won all the initiatives they set out to accomplish during the six-day session, including a controversial bill to grant a partial tax deduction for private school tuition.

Flanked by many members of his supporting team of lawmakers at an evening news conference, the governor framed the results as a positive statement on Louisiana’s national image.

“This group should be proud of batting a thousand,” Jindal said. “The country’s watching us … we know they’ll like what they see.”

Jindal his wife and child [2]Correct. The left will be showing us shortly that Jindal is their worst nightmare.

Can you imagine Liberals not being able to play the race card?

It’s coming soon, my friends.

I dare to suggest to you further, that how the bit with Obama and his racism (and that of his campaigners) gets handled by the Donks will play heavy once again, once Jindal gets to National Status.

Personally, I can’t wait. I have bags of microwave popcorn at the ready for that day.  (Snicker)