Bruce makes mention of a Reuters article:

A majority of Americans do not read political blogs, the online commentaries that have proliferated in the race for the U.S. presidency, according to a poll released on Monday.

Only 22 percent of people responding to the poll said they read blogs regularly, meaning several times a month or more, according to the survey conducted by Harris Interactive.

He then goes on to point out that 22%  is quite a pile of personage.

Yeah, I’ll agree to that. But more, how does that fare in comparison to the other forms of news? Let’s see. From Pew Research:


 Note the numbers of people reading newspapers dropping to a low in 2006 of 40%… not particularly impressive, by Reuters own lights.And, here’s the thing… it’s not where you’re at, but rather, where you’re going… that 40% is trending dramatically down, whereas Blog readership is trending dramatically up.

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