Eric Florack on March 15th, 2008

Barrack Obama is increasingly exposing himself as someone who has serious problems with the truth: The Chicago Sun-Times today:In an extensive 80-minute interview with the Sun-Times,White House hopeful Barack Obama laid out just how close he and indicted Chicago businessman Tony Rezko grew personally and financially. Rezko could have donated as much as $250,000 to […]

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Eric Florack on March 15th, 2008

Bruce says: Spc. Brown became only the second woman in the War on Terror to receive the Silver Star and the first woman in Afghanistan. Spc. Brown, a 19 year old medic with 4th Squadron of the 73rd Cavalry Regiment, was there for them that day in Afghanistan when her comrades need her most. Read […]

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Eric Florack on March 15th, 2008

Barrack Obama, and a lot of the leftards like to lay the claim that “There was no such thing as al-Qaida in Iraq until George Bush and John McCain decided to invade Iraq. … They took their eye off the people who were responsible for 9/11 and that would be al-Qaida in Afghanistan, that is […]

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Eric Florack on March 15th, 2008

From Bluto: From MSNBC:   Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., condemned racially charged sermons by his former pastor Friday and urged Americans not to reject his presidential campaign because of “guilt by association.” Obama’s campaign announced that the minister, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., had left its spiritual advisory committee after videotapes of his sermons again […]

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Eric Florack on March 15th, 2008

CR passes along a response to a post of mine yesterday: I’ve said it a number of times here in the past: the real power is in the US Congress.  Presidents can negotiate with foreign leaders, take military action (to an extent), and manage the administration as approved (more or less) by Congress.  And then […]

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davidl on March 15th, 2008

Sister Toldjah rips¬†Barack Obama.¬† a.k.a BO Plenty: By the way, I’m calling Barack Obama out on the outrageous lie he told today about not being present in Wright’s church when he made the offensive hateful remarks that have been circulating in the news media this week. As I said earlier, this is like Al Gore’s […]

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