Eric Florack on March 1st, 2008

Starting to look that way, says the LasVegas Review-Journal: The Las Vegas hotel suite where vials of ricin were found Thursday also contained guns and literature about anarchy with information on the deadly toxin, police said Friday. Nevertheless, Las Vegas police continued to downplay the significance of the ricin discovery, saying they had ruled out […]

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Eric Florack on March 1st, 2008

Found this while trolling at “Just One Minute” Speaking of scary, let’s just call the Senator from Illinois “He Who Must Not Be Middle-Named”. (ROFL) IN case you don’t know the reference is to Harry Potter’s nemesis. It’s the snark of the day.

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Eric Florack on March 1st, 2008

ABC’s Brian Ross: With the corruption trial of one of Sen. Barack Obama’s longtime friends and supporters set to begin Monday in Chicago, Ill., reform watchdogs say it will reveal the “cesspool” of Illinois politics in which Obama came of age and has said little about in his campaign for president. “We have a sick […]

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Eric Florack on March 1st, 2008

McGehee: Back in the days before the Civil War (according to James Michener), people emigrating to Texas would sometimes paint the letters “GTT” on their wagons: “Gone to Texas.” Heh. And here, I thought it was because they wanted their neighbors to think they were driving a sports wagon. Ya learn somethin’ new….

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Eric Florack on March 1st, 2008

Which is to say, me. A few of the systems here at Casa de Bit have run out of Norton subscription. Our systems involve removing Norton outright and going with a complete re installation, because of the way the licensing works. So, I’ve gotta deal with that. Whatever else can be said about the process, […]

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Eric Florack on March 1st, 2008

  First, the premise, at OTB: America’s top military leader is warning about rapid withdrawal from Iraq. The Joint Chiefs chairman has a word of warning to Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton: A rapid of withdrawal from Iraq would lead to a “chaotic situation” and would “turnaround the gains we have achieved, and struggled […]

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davidl on March 1st, 2008

Mrs. Clinton bomb, bombs, Hotline: It was, in this reporter’s opinion, the most interesting moment in today’s Clinton campaign phoner with reporters. Responding to the release of HRC’s new TX TV ad, which asserts in no subtle terms that only she has the experience to deal with a major world crisis, and, relatedly, to keep […]

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