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War By Another Means: Investment Funds?

Little Green Footballs [1] passes along an Investor’s Business Daily [2]comment about investing in “Muslim Friendly Funds”:

 Shariah-compliant finance involves investments and other transactions that have been structured to conform with the orthodox teachings of Islamic law.

That means they can’t charge or earn interest – the cornerstone of our credit-driven economy. Nor can they take any stake in haram, or forbidden, industries, including meat and beverage producers (if they process any pork or alcohol); entertainment; gaming; and interest-based financing.

Wall Street is jumping into this hot new market oblivious to the risks not just to the bottom line, but to national security. It knows little about Shariah law and is turning to consultants to create “ethical” products to sell.

Lost in the hype over these Muslim-friendly funds is that they must “purify” their returns by transferring at least 3% into Islamic charities, many of which funnel funds to terrorists. So the Street may unwittingly be helping the evildoers launder blood money.

Shariah law obligates that a sizable portion of zakat, or giving – one of the pillars of Islam – go to support jihad. So many of the purification donations generated from Shariah finance could wind up in the hands of our enemy.

“Could”? Hell, I’d call that a lead pipe cinch.

Wall Street also knows little about who’s advising these funds. Each has to hire Muslim scholars to bless the investments.

One such scholar is Yusuf Qaradawi, a member of the radical Muslim Brotherhood, which works for the establishment of a global caliphate, and an open supporter of suicide bombings. Another is Muhammad Usmani, a radical Pakistani cleric who ran a madrassa that trained thousands of Taliban, according to the Washington-based Center for Security Policy.

Usmani sits on the Shariah supervisory board of the Dow Jones Islamic Index Fund, which is run by the North American Islamic Trust – a Saudi-tied alleged front for the Muslim Brotherhood that holds title to some of the most radical mosques in America.

The article makes the point that this Dow Jones Islamic fund, should be re-examined by DJ’s new owner… Fox. I tend to agree.