Note these are early numbers, not necessarily calls.

As of when this is posted, 22:15 eastern, here’s the leaders so far:

Alabama: Huckabee/Obama

Alaska: Not in/Not in

Arkansas: Huckabee/Clinton

Colorado: not in/Not in

Deleware: McCain/Obama

Georgia: Huckabee/Obama

Idaho: Not in/Obama (Idaho’s Republicans caucus on May 27th)

Illinois: McCain/Obama

Kansas: Not In/Obama (Kansas Republicans caucus on 2/9)

Massachusetts: Romney/Clinton

Minnesota: Romney/Obama

Missouri: Huckabee/Clinton

Montana: Romney/Not In (Montana’s Democrats caucus on 6/3)

New Jersey: McCain/Clinton

New Mexico Not in/Not In (New Mexico Republicans Caucus on 6/3)

New York: McCain/Clinton

North Dakota: Not In/Obama

Oklahoma: McCain/Clinton

Tennessee: Huckabee/Clinton (Tornadoes in Memphis area may affect return timing)

Utah: Romney/Edwards

West Virginia: Huckabee/Not In (West Virginia Democrats vote on 5/13)

Again, note that these are early counts, and the win/loss may… nay.. WILL change on at least some of these… and there’s the west coast states to consider as well.

Addendum:  (David L)

Byran, Hot Air, has the resuls.   For the republicans, John McCain was the clear winner.   For the democrats, it was a split.

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