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The Truth Can be Demeaning

It’s interesting; Day before yesterday, I complained [1] that one thing that had always turned me off about Buckley is he treated flatly disrespectable people with respect anyway,¬† to the detriment of the truth. I said the same at Q&O [2], yesterday.

I don’t get Rush Limbaugh’s show, anymore, because the building I work in prevents it… but I see on his site today he’s addressed that issue, too. You should read this before it goes away. [3]

But one passage that made me giggle a bit was this:

¬†Another little passage from Mr. Sloane and his Katie Couric blog post: “The conservative movement in this country is badly in need of somebody who can make a point without demeaning and demonizing liberals and moderates.” I think what liberals need is somebody who can just make a point.  Instead, they give us feel-good platitudes; they avoid talking specifics; they try to deny that they’re liberals; they mask and camouflage who they are.  If they’d quit trying to turn the country into another Cuba, we would stop criticizing them!  We are talking here about the traditions and institutions that have made the country great that are under assault by the American left.  Why should we sit around and let that happen so that we can be called civil and mild-mannered?  By the way, since when did liberals start making points without demeaning and demonizing people?  Robert Bork anyone?  Do you want me to start listing the names liberal Democrats have sought to destroy, not just defeat?  Because we can do it.  If you want to start discussing who started all this, I’ll be glad to get into that discussion with you, too.

Shorter Limbaugh: The truth is sometimes demeaning. Sorry if you don’t like the truth, liberals.

Like calling Obama by his full name, as an example..