Alex, it’s time YOU had a little lesson in logic.Think, now;

These people who hold Che and his way of thinking and acting dear enough to honor him with a place on their wall… would these be working to get Obama elected, as they are, if they for a minute thought that Obama would be working in the opposite political direction from Che? Clearly, they think otherwise.

Notice, please, What I’m speaking to is the perception of the people who put that flag up, and are ostensibly supporting Obama. Now, Obama actually thinking the same way, I grant is an open question. The perception of Obama’s ideals by the people who put up that Che flag, may or may not be correct.

But what does it say for an org that attracts such people? It seems logical to assume that they think their way of thinking will benefit by the person they are working for getting elected.

Further, what does it say that these people are still working for the campaign? For one thing, it’s a suggestion that the perception of his campaign workers in the matter isn’t all that far off, after all.

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