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The CAIR Bears

Little Green Footballs: [1]

Unindicted Hamas co-conspirators CAIR have put out a press release targeting LGF: Hate Site Comments Suggest Violence Against Missouri Mosque [2].

UPDATE at 2/19/08 4:09:21 pm:

At Pat Dollard’s place, the Bashman has a few words for CAIR: CAIR Now Targeting Right Wing Conservative Blog Sites … Bring It Bitches [3].

(Military-grade language warning…)

UPDATE at 2/19/08 5:13:08 pm:

Note that the comments quoted by CAIR in their press release were posted only this morning, and were deleted as soon as I received reports about them. They’re watching LGF’s comments closer than I am.

We’re with you, guys.

By the way, I keep hearing CAIR has lost it’s tax shelter. Good news, if true, but I can’t get confirmation.