Mrs. William Clinton

The more Mrs. Clinton speaks, the more she lies:

CINCINNATI (AP) – Hillary Rodham Clinton declared herself the “candidate of, from and for the middle class of America” as she worked to keep her Democratic coalition in Ohio intact against a hard-charging Sen. Barack Obama.

Middle class my foot, her husband, B.J., can’t avoid telling everybody how rich he is,   As for Mrs. Clinton:

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Democratic White House hopeful Hillary Clinton said Wednesday she loaned her campaign five million dollars of her own money in January to keep up with rival Barack Obama’s record cash windfall.

No middle class person can afford to loan themselves five millions dollars.   Can you?

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign is boasting of their univerasal heatth care plan, Statesman:

“If you don’t cover everybody with your health care plan, it’s not universal,” Mauro said. “Universal means you cover everybody. If it’s an insurance plan, you’;ve got to mandate it. If it doesn’t do that, those of us who sign up are paying for those who don’t, beccause they’re still going to have to go get health care – which is the problem we have right now.”

Mandating citizens purchase health coverage at a price set by the government, is not providing health coverage.   It is extorting it.

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