Apparently unable to learn from past mistakes, or just too unhinged to know better, Air America Radio host Randi Rhodes has aired another psychotic “parody” skit. This time, the faux ad, supposedly for Mitt Romney, says his supporters will commit mass killings if John McCain becomes the nominee.Airing on Super Tuesday, the recorded bit marks the second time Rhodes has gone overboard in this way: in 2005, a similar clip depicted a Sopranos-style hit on President Bush.

That’s the Radio Equalizer, today. If there was any bigger indication of how much the left feared a Romney Presidency, I’d like to see it. Clearly, they consider a McCain Presidency freidnlier to their leftist causes.

I’ll be kind and assume the 17 “bloody mary” binge doesn’t have anything to do with this excess.

Addendum:  (David L)

Meanwhile in the leftosphere, no comment from Media Matters for America.   Evidently, Miedia Matters does not think Rhodes matters,  I agree.

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