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Quityerbitchin, Ed

Chris Cillizza at the WaPo Politics Blog: [1]

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell [2] (D) said Monday that the media’s pro-Obama (or anti-Clinton) bias explains in part why Barack Obama is portrayed as running away with the Democratic presidential nomination (instead of being locked in a close fight with Hillary Rodham Clinton).

“The media does not like the Clintons for whatever reason,” Rendell, a Clinton supporter, said in an interview with The Fix. “Maybe some of it’s [the Clintons’] fault, but the media does not like the Clintons.”

Maybe because he’s winning, Ed?

¬†Rendell insisted that the “media has relished this fall with glee that I have never seen in any other candidate in the thirty years I have been in the business.” As a result, “Right now the senator can do no wrong,” Rendell said of Obama.

You have apparently forgotten Bush 41, and the dance the press did on THAT political grave?¬† Face it Ed… first of all, she’s toasted bread. Secondly, if the press were touting Clinton instead of Obama, would you be complaining? We both know you wouldn’t.

Shut up.