Look, gang… in the end, David Shuster called it like it is.. he told the truth of the matter.

That, in fact is what has the Clinton camp so riled.  Well, of course that and if they act angry enough, they’ll get votes out of it.

Think, now; If this were a Republican being talked about, Hillary and her camp would be among the first to applaud the statement. Proof?

  • I don’t recall her complaining loudly about “Trailer Park Trash”… do you?
  • Just wait until the primary is over, and watch the quality of the jibes she sends at McCain.
  • And watch now, as to the campaign’s comments about not doing debates on MSNBC. Given that Hillary is complaining she’s broke and is doing everything she can to get free airtime, that’s gonna be a hard promise fo her to keep… as if she ever keeps promises.

Sorry, no sale, Hillary. Take your gasps of fake anger and your calculated anger, and get ’em out of the sunshine.

Addendum: ( David L)

I disagree a bit.  With Mrs. Clinton, while the tears are always fake, her anger is real.  It riles Mrs. Clinton is that she was treated with the same misogynic disrespect that she shows towards women.  I mean it is pefectly alright to call Paula Jones “Trailer Park Trash” but how dare it be done to her royal thighness.


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