Some of the leftosphere is beginning to catch on to Miss Chelsea Clinton’s real age. Hint, it is twenty-seven and not twelve and they are becoming less supportive of Mrs. Clinton’s double standard. Guy Branum,  Slate. Chelsea Is All Grown Up

The recent emergence of Chelsea Clinton as a voice for her mother’s campaign has resulted in a chorus of “poor Chelsea” from various sources. Ms. Clinton is still deeply wary of the media, and the sentiment may be valid; her life has been dominated by attention she never chose to engender. But it’s got a nefarious underside, as exhibited by the suspension Friday of David Shuster, a commentator for Hardball who got put in the naughty chair for asking on the air whether Clinton had “pimped out” her daughter. Pimping is a common enough euphemism in modern parlance, but one which an indignant Hillary Clinton has managed to turn into a carnival of pity and remonstrations.

That is some, but not all, Jason Zengerle, New Republic

Hillary’s just being an appropriately overprotective mother. But how many Scorpio Moms have the Secret Service at their disposal?

Meanwhile, from the right, Tim Graham

If Mrs Clinton were just being a protective mother, which would have been her right, she would not have thrown her only daughter into the political arena.  Mrs. Clinton’s motherly prerogative to protect her daughter, ended the day Miss Clinton entered the arena, voluntarily or otherwise.

Hat tip:  Memeorandum.

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