• You can call it what you want to, David, and I suppose Romney and his comments this afternoon there were worth some consideration, with regards to the questions I was asking this morning.  That said, I am immediately suspicious whenever somebody turns around 180° and supports the person that they were running against. Frankly, I can’t help but wonder if there wasn’t some back room deal going on, with regards Romney and a vice president slot. I say that, because I concur with your estimation that Huckabee will end up under the straight talk express very shortly.
  • I decided to get WordPress updated this afternoon, when I caught word that the reason for the hurry up update.  Was that there was a security issue with 2.3.2.  Update went smoothly, no problems expected, all’s well, all flags are flying, and all that. If you’re running WordPress, you may want to look at the automatic update plug-in. I’ve used that for a couple of updates now, and it’s a little clunky, but it’s a heck of a lot easier than doing it any other way.
  • I have given McCain’s speech at CPAC a once over, and frankly, in my first read it the text, I remain less than fully impressed. Perhaps I’ve just gotten in the habit, after dealing with the Clintons of parsing text. IN any event, I’ll be reviewing it overnight, and will attempt to post extended comments on it tomorrow.  Certainly, the emphasis of the speech has changed since Governor Romney has dropped out.  Or, not, maybe. Regardless of Romney being in the race yet, the bottom line is he still has to convince conservatives he’s one of them… and given the history that’s going to be like selling used condoms outside the Clinton White House.  I see Mary Catherine Ham thought the speech was OK, if not altogether accurate when McCain started talking about how he’d always respected the positions of the base. Hey, look, he hadda insert some humor there somewhere… it’s a fairly tense situation, you know?  I also see Rick Moran got a first draft of the speech, or something.
  • Several inches os snow, today. Birds around here seem to think they’re in for a long stint, this time; they and the squirrels are going crazy at my feeders, today.
  • I see Hillary Clinton is broke. Her people are working without pay ‘voluntarily”, and she’s started making noises about once per week, whereas Obama is sucking up money faster than coke up Roger Clinton’s nose. The upshot of that is, that HillBilly is now demading Obama ‘debate’ her once per week until November. IN short, she’s looking for all the free airplay she can get, now.
  • Interesting comments about McCain in the WSJ today… (BBCT Conservative Reader)
  • By the way, guys… you do know Valentine’s day is only a short hope from here, right?
  • The Senate has finally gotten around to passing that Stimulus bill. Now to make it mesh with the version from the lower house.

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One Response to “Nightly Ramble: What Now, WP Update in Early, McCain’s CPAC Speech”

  1. I like Mitt Romney from the policy perspective of fleshing out McCain, who has confessed to not knowing economics.  That said, Mitt is a dud as campaigner, He did not win single primary, not a caucus, outside one of this three home states.

    As to Mike Huckabee, he still the Dope from Hope.  Ee doesn’t even win the Evangelicals outside the South.  Maybe Jeb Bush can change his last time?

    As to the ‘rate, I don’t see either Mrs. Clinton or Barack Obama winning a clear majority.  In a brokered convetion, the Clintons wie, to many oustanding chits.  Howard Dean is not relevant.