• Tax the rich? Tax fairness? Yeah, right.

    just one corporation (Exxon Mobil) pays as much in taxes ($27 billion) annually as the entire bottom 50% of individual taxpayers, which is 65,000,000 people!

    Now, next time you wonder why gas at the pump is so expensive… And by the way… you do know McCain wants to add 50 cents per gallon additional gasoline taxes, right?

  • John Hinderaker:

    John McCain did very well, I thought. He struck the right notes of confidence and conciliation, pledged allegiance to the party, saluted the party’s conservative principles, and offered an olive branch to the Romney campaign.

    It still comes down to “do we trust the man’? I don’t.

  • One unsung non-hero of last nights mess: Ron Paul. Can we get you Paulbots to stop the spam routines, and the hanging hadwritten signs on every overpass you can find, please? Time to do the fade out. Even Kucinich got the message. Why can’t YOU morons?
  • Speaking of fading away, I happened to stumble across WNTJ/850 Johnstown PA while hunting for stations to the south, last night.  THey have 10,000 watts and push a good signal up here any night things are flowing form the south, mostly because north is their strongest lobe, both day and night. (Now I understand why George over in Palmyra is having such a beef with the FCC; HIs 45watts night pattern much be getting drowned under those conditions!) Anyway, Johnstown is of course the home of John Murtha. Yeah, the same guy who we were hearing so much about a short time ago, now suddenly isn’t getting any press at all. Funny how that silence just seems to show up at election time.
  • David was right, the weather wasn’t good for driving. Glad I had the Rainier. It was kinda fun watching the idiots in the Priuses (Is that a word?) trying to maneuver in the weather…. until I noticed a few of them were getting dangerously close to my paint. Still, it beats trying to find where the tornado dropped my truck.
  • Oh, speaking of Tornadoes, I should mention that this website was offline for a while last night, presumably for that reason. The server is actually in Kentucky… right in the middle of those storms.

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3 Responses to “Nightly Ramble: Taxes, Trust, Ron Paul, Name We Haven’t Heard of Late, More”

  1. Priusi?

  2. ?

  3. “…..idiots in the Priuses (Is that a word?)….”

    And I offer Priusi.