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Nightly Ramble: Snow, Ice, Wind And Oh, Yeah… Other Stuff, Too.

Addendum: (David L)

To say that Mrs. Clinton, Barack Obana and John McCain are all rats, does not mean that all rats are the same.  While I do love Ann Coulter, she can be just a wee bit emotional.

As to the war on terror, I trust Mrs. Clinton over Obama.  She at least realizes that there are Islamist who want to kill us.  In contrast, Obama only wants to talk to our enemies,abandon our ally Israel, and attack our ally Pakistan.  Mrs.  Clinton is the sane one.

Mrs. Clinton is more predictable.  She is a socialist.  Obama is not revealing what he is, and may not even know himself.

Patterico suggests that McCain would appoint better judges.  Then who couldn’t appoint a better judge than Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  Are we ready for three more Ginsbergs on the Supreme Court?

The only quality of McCain in which I am confident is his patriotism.  Then as Thomas Sowell writes, Benedict Arnold was a military hero before he became a traitor.  U.S. Grant was a pretty good general, out generaled Bobby Lee, but a mediocre president.  The hero card is should not be a free pass.

Then aside from being a military hawk, McCain’s security judgment is horrible.  He opposes water boarding.  Better to let a terrorist hijack a plane than to get his hair wet.  McCain wants to close down Gitmo to put terrorists into our criminal justice system, to be freed by Carter and Clinton appointed judges.

Are three Ginsbergs a good price to pay to keep McCain out of the Oval Office?  I thinking about it.

Addendum: (Bit)

First, those who don’t know themselves are certainly not driven by principle, and those not driven by principole invariably lean left, since it’s by far the easier short term path to take.  In the end, Obama and Hillary will end up the same. Granted, there’s a greater possibility of variance from the leftist mantra with Obama, and your observation speaks to that… but in the end, it’s not more than a statistical burp, in my view.

Secondly, Unlike Paterico,  I am unconvinced McCain will put up better judges. His own words [7]address that point rather nicely. Again, the difference between the two likely isn’t worth writing home about.

Thirdly, you’re correct about Ann getting emotional.  By the same token, so was Peg Noonan, last week.That’s what she gets paid for. Still, as overstated as she gets on much of the rest of it, she has a point about who gets the blame for the next four years, and the implications of that blame for the next 20.

It’s telling, in just how far to the left the Republican party has gone that this conversation is even taking place.

And finally, perhaps they’re not all the same. But where are the ‘good’ Democrats? You know… the ones objecting to these two being the future of their party…. even as we object to the likes of McCain and Huckabee being the future of the Republcians?