• If anyone doubts there’s a rebellion within the Republican party against the Rockefeller Republicans, you’ll want to read this. Note the date on it, also. This rebellion has been coming for some time, now, people… it didn’t start with McCain… but I do suspect the nomination of John McCain will bring it to a head.Consumer choice is part of freedom choice

  • Assuming McCain loses the election… which without the benefit of the base support, he will… what goes?  Well, I’ve been thinking about that. After the Bush tax cuts go… and thereby the economy hits John Crapper‘s wonderful invention , I’ll gauran-damn-tee you the first thing to go will be the Wendy’s Super Value Menu. Think about it; History has shown us that the nutball ideas on how to limit freedom which are embraced traditionally only by society’s crackpots, have a way of becoming ‘mainstreamed’ when liberals come to power. THEN, and only as a logical extension, guns. After all, the second amendment provides a recourse for those whose other freedoms have been trampled.
  • Another cold morning here in Western NY.  I took a reading of 9° outside this morning, and the computer that I have watching the weather says that it’s been colder south and west of here.  It shows morning readings of 5° in Buffalo and a little bit colder as you head to the southwest along the Erie run. We’re supposed to see a warming trend, which will be announced by freezing rain, several inches of snow, and then an inch or two of rain. which, of course, means I’m going to have to get out with my snow rake, and get some of the snow off the roof before I end up with a small lake up there…  Happens every year, so I suppose I’m used to it, but it’s still a pain in the butt.


  • And the heater, in this cold snap has been spinning away. Which of course makes me think of energy costs.  Look, let’s face it; The group most responsible for the price we’re paying at the gas pump is the environmentalist left. The cooperation of the left and the enviro-nazis have been working to raise the price of energy every step of the way… Drilling, Refining, distribution, consumption. I’m firmly convinced that the enviro-nazis responsible for our energy shortages, should be condemned to live in the northeast… without oil and gas. Let’s see how long they last with their own policies. It’s here in the northeast, I think where the phrase “No oil for pacifists” carries the maximum weight.
  • A name that came up in an emal group this morning; Anyone know what Eason Jordan is doing, these days? Is he still with Praedict trying to give the enemies of America intel on how to attack our troops? I kinda lost track, there.
  • Ford FusionMy wife drives a Ford Fusion. Really, a great car. Rides great, the technology is there… Fair gas millage, (we get ~29 on the open road, mostly at 70mph which is where it seems to like to run) handles very well indeed… corners every bit as good as the Firebird I used to drive.. Goes like a scalded cat, for a family mover… 0-60 in 7 seconds… 1/4 mile in 16 or so, by which time it’s dong around 95.  First front driver with an automatic that I’ve ever had that (assuming you turn the traction control off) has enough torque to light the tires in the first two gears and ‘chrip’ them in the first three. (Like to see it with a stick!) She got the top of the line car…  All the toys. Great freeway car, too. Basically drives like a four door Mustang, which I gather they were aiming at in the design.  Altogether, a very impressive car. Looks great, too. So why is the turning radius on this thing so bloody wide? Feels like I’m driving a tractor trailer when I’m trying to park.  My conversion vans would turn tighter. I mean, look… If that’s the only fault with the thing, I’ll deal with it, (Indeed, if I didn’t have the camper to consider, I’d get one myself) but I won’t deny the turn radius is a sore spot. Are you listening, Ford?
  • I dunno, Billy; Sounds rather like wishful thinking, to me.Such predictions have been issued about the dollar since the dollar itself was first issued. Certainly, all human endeavors come to an end with time, the great leveler that it is. And just as certainly doom sayers only need be correct once to be proclaimed a genius. Yet, they are more often wrong… usually so.  But tha doesn’t stop them making lots of money off predictions of financial doom, does it? It does tend to keep the gold markets hopping as such rumors have always done, over the last few hundred years. Such rumors also keep nut jobs like Alex Jones on the air, and their followers spouting nonsense.
  • Dale finds yet again evidence linking the current personality cult with Barrack Obama, to the Socialism that has always driven such cults. Pay particular attention to the vidcap he’s posted there. It’s stuff like this that makes me re-question my statements about McCain. I don’t figure that’s going to change until the lever gets thrown, frankly. LGF notes this story and Ed Driscoll as well as John Cole, who predictably tries to defend the socialists, saying we’re making a big deal out of nothing.  Dale tags this one correctly:A copy of the flag in question

    It’s particularly ironic that this is a campaign volunteer office of a candidate standing for office in a free election, and it’s decorated with the flag of a nation that hasn’t had a free election in three generations. But, they have “free’ health care, so I guess it all evens out, huh?

    Captain Ed notes the story as well, and graciously says he’s quite sure Obama doesn’t know about all of this. I’m afraid I can’t be so gracious. I think he knows very well in general, if not in particulars, the socialist leanings of his followers, and is quite ready to oblige them once in office. Says Ed;

    Along with the ubiquitous personal insult towards anyone with whom he disagrees, John tries to cast it as a courageous statement that our policy towards Cuba needs to be rethought. And he calls me a flack? I can remember when Balloon Juice was readable. Now they just revel in their bitterness. Too bad.

    Yeah, well, I gave up on the guy years ago. And one can easily apply the line from Dale, onto Cole, as well. How is it Cole can’t see a problem with such linkage? Has Cole so badly lost sight of freedom? It appears so, which is to my mind a huge reason to add to the list of why his site is no longer readable.

    Oh… and… James?
    Look, man… Regardless of any other factor, that these Obama supporters who hold Che so dearly, ARE in fact working feverishly to get Obama elected, would seem to suggest that THEY at least think their views about Che and the policies he called for and fought for, would find Support in an Obama White House. That assesment, is perhaps more damaging than anything else. Given the depth of the anger I see in response to Johnson’s comparison, I think others know that, as well.
    I think there are some people who find that linkage disturbing.  Voters, who didn’t know about it… and Obama supporters, who’d rather that this connection hadn’t come up… at least until after the election.

    And James… I must say, I’m a little surprised. From writing my own blog, I know that years of hipshooting will tend to cause the target to get missed once in a while.

    I’m going to be kind and not say more.

  • Hey, McGehee…. OK, so The McGehee Zone is number one on Google for the search Georgia-Tennsee Border.  So? BitsBlog is number 10 on the search “The McGehee Zone”.  It’s all perspective, man.  (grin)
  • Interesting to me that the one thing Al Gore CAN keep his mouth shut about is an endorsement from the current crop of Democrats. Sources say he’s not going to endorse anyone at all.  The shtick of course is that he’s above all that. The truth is a little different from teh claim, as usual…. He doesn’t want to be on the losing side, I suppose, and there’s no clear winner in the race yet. Imagine how illustrative the response would be were he to endorse Obama, and then Obama LOST, and Hillary, God Help us, somehow ended up in the WH. Suddenly the re-infested WH would lose all interest in matters of ‘global warming’, and Gore would end up being discredited as he should have been some years ago. He doesn’t want that infamous temper directed at him.

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