• http://bitsblog.theconservativereader.com/files/2006/12/bnr.jpgBilly

    “I’ve always believed that he’s the easier candidate to beat in the Fall.”

    (McPhillips: “Are The Clintons Over?”)

    I think his general position is correct: these people won’t be “over” until we see their boxes getting dropped into the ground. She’ll be back as long as she can get someone to point a teevee camera at her.

    Yea, I do, too, really. And you’re right about Clinton being wherever there’s a camera…. but then again, that’s standard issue for any pol, isn’t it? I mean, look at Ron Paul as an example. The man’s been over since the first week of primaries. Yet he always manages to find a camera.

    I think it would be a toss-up whether McCain could be elected against Rodham.

    Well, again, agreed. Then again, as I’ve been saying here for weeks now, I consider the question of one being better than the other an open one, as well. Which, perhaps, is why the whole thing is so close in the first place; the American voter can’t very well tell the difference. Oh… and Billy, on another topic, who gets to decide what is a ‘real crime”? You? Or, Wendy? Or, BinLaden, perhaps? There’s the problem, you see. There seems a wide area of interpretation, even among those who think the government ill equipped to make such choices.

  • Limbaugh makes a point I’ve been making right along; How the beep can John McCain complain about the liberalism of the Democratsm when he’s so liberal, himself?

    Senator McCain not piling up massive majorities over Huckabee, even though Huckabee is no longer in the race. Well, he’s not a serious candidate, anyway, cannot win the nomination. It appears to me, it seems that what Senator McCain has decided to do is forswear conservatives if he must and go after blue state voters. I mean those are the voters who helped secure him the nomination in the first place, and those are the voters that he feels loyal to. One thing, I was talking, I think it was last week, remember when the FISA bill came up in the Senate and McCain went and voted for the new restrictions and the immunity for the telecommunications companies, then made the point that Obama showed up and voted against it. Hillary didn’t show up. I said this is a golden opportunity for McCain to drive home the point that he’s the national security guy and they’re not. Andy McCarthy, National Review Online, found out why. When the whole thing was originally proposed, McCain sided with the Democrats on it. So he’s vulnerable to being charged with being a hypocrite.

    Precisely so. If he’s being warm and fuzzy with the liberals that brought him to the dance, he’s not going to be a popular boy among them come November, if he ever really was, in the first place.

  • Which brings us to an example of how the left is going to dump on this guy, in spite of all the buttock licking he’s been doing for them. Here comes the Democrat Party house organ, the New York Times, bringing up Vicki Iseman…  a story they’ve been holding for just such an occasion as him winning the nomination. And of course, the leftie blogs are going viral with it. Are you getting the picture, yet?
  • At American Thinker, Rick Moan is thinking that the oncoming deadline of the ceasefire called by Anti-US cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, is going to create attacks on US troops. Sorry, Rick, I see nothing in the status of anything that suggests it would be to his advantage to start attacking us again.
  • I’m getting really tired of this. God knows this blog has typos in it; I speak fluent typo. But Neal (And Web Wench) Moblie is what your car is. Mobil is what it eats. Get it right….
  • Ya know, after such effort was displayed by the Democrats to keep Jesse Jackson out of the Democratic nomination, (As has been described here often enough) one wonders why he gives them the time of day, now.
  • The Military is saying they got that errant spy satelite, yesterday. . They seem to be expending an awful lot of effort on something that stands less chance than Skylab of actually landing anywhere it’s going to cause any harm.  I figure that the toxic fuel story may or may not be correct, but in any event the bigger reason why it was so urgent to destroy this bird before it landed was possibility that the thing would fall into unfriendly hands and give up it’s secrets, both in terms of actual intel, and in terms of revealing what the thing could do. This thought would seem to be confirmed by China’s attitude… which is not unlike the growl of a dog slapped on the nose will a rolled up newspaper.  Now, for the record, I don’t disagree that the shoot down was a bad thing, in light of that kind of concern. But there is a bit more; If the thing had been missed by the rocket, would they tell us so? I think they might just want folks to think the thing had been destroyed so there’d be less effort in looking for it.  I dunno, maybe it’s the work of the bird itself that has me thinking cloak and dagger…. but it does fit. Oh… and about the debris causing problems with the Shuttle… a good concern… but do we have any info on the tracking of the debris? How much of it remains a concern, now, I wonder?

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