• Honorable Mention in the OTB Caption Contest.
  • No, folks… Now is not the time for The Cuban embargo to be removed. Not until Fidel Casto‘s POLICIES are. This is not about one man, however infamous. This is about the inflcition of the worst system of government ever to see light of day; Socialism. No wonder the left here in the states is so all fired up about the downfall of the embargo. Can’t be dissing socialism…
  • No, Bruce, it’s decidedly not good news. And they’re not going to be able to keep the islamic radicals out of their government.
  • Been doing smoe looking around as promised. There’s apparently quite a bit in the way of computers equipped with Blu-Ray drives already. Of course game systems already have them. You can even buy stand-alones to install in your current PC. Gonna have to wait a while though for Read-write disks in that format.  Here’s a blank that they want $37 for.  I mean, yeah, it’s got 50 gb of capacity, but yikes… $40? (And by the way, Amazon, I see you’re selling ‘used’ disks that are clearly labeled “Write Once”. How’s THAT work?
  • When I made the comments the other night about how long Barrack Obama would last, based on the story of all the fainting going on at his rallies, I was being a little touge in cheek…suggesting that there’s something in the air. But you know the more I think about it, the more I understand that what’s really in the air is impossibly high expectations… expectations that simply cannot live up to the hype. What’s going to happen when his devoted followers, come to understand that?  Boortz yesterday had another view… suggesting that…

    I would love to get one of these fainting females and, after they’ve had a nice meal and a few deep breaths, ask them a few questions:

    • What does Obama stand for? And don’t say “hope and change.” Those are non-answers.
    • Can you tell me two specific policy initiatives Obama has proposed? See if you can get past national health care and higher taxes on the evil rich.
    • Name three Obama accomplishments — and being elected Senator doesn’t count .. there are 99 others in office right now who pulled that one off.

    What would you get from the fainters? They would sit there like brook trout, their mouths hanging open and gills gently flapping in the current while they tried to figure out an answer that wouldn’t make them appear more ignorant than they already do.

    And you know, he’s got something there. Still, one simply doesn’t get that wrapped up in a candidate without expecting some significant changes to occur based on government, either being reduced, or increased, both dramatically. In the case of Ronald Reagan (Who it should be noted was wildly popular but never had anyone faint at his rallies far as I know) it was the Reduction of government, because as he said “Government is the problem”. In the case of Obama, since tehse are Democrats we’re talking about, clearly we’d be talking also about the increase of governmet, and the attendant reduction of human rights, including the right of property… IE; increased taxes to pay for all that gets proposed to buy these votes. And by the way, Neal… You do know ‘Deram” is a old British Record Label, don’t you? (Chuckle)

  • No real shocks in the Primary states, last night.  This one’s over, folks, in both parties. John McCain is essentially untouchable, now. So is Obama. How will Hillary act when she loses? We’re about to find out. She’s lost 10 states in a row,  now, and I suppose it’s going to be problematic to win enough delegates to even come close, even assuming she had a 50/50 chance ion each state. She doesn’t, which makes Obama the winner, save a miracle, or a few hanging chads.
  • The ACLU’s challange to the Wiretap power lost in it’s bid to go to the Surpreme Court. The court rejected the ACLU’s challange to a lower court ruling that upheld the power. ACLU; What part of “NO” do you not understand?

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