Bluto observes:

From the Timesonline:

A government minister has warned that inbreeding among immigrants is causing a surge in birth defects – comments likely to spark a new row over the place of Muslims in British society.

Phil Woolas, an environment minister, said the culture of arranged marriages between first cousins was the “elephant in the room”. Woolas, a former race relations minister, said: “If you have a child with your cousin the likelihood is there’ll be a genetic problem.”

The minister, whose views were supported by medical experts this weekend, said: “The issue we need to debate is first cousin marriages, whereby a lot of arranged marriages are with first cousins, and that produces lots of genetic problems in terms of disability [in children].”

Bluto puts this under a headline of “This explains a lot”… and boy, does it.  Bolding is my own, and it backs a point I’ve long made about cultural influence.

An oldie but a goodie for rousing the ire of social liberals: Not all cultures are equal…. and this post from Bluto brings out a prime example of why. It also points up some very real reasoning why our own western culture should be both promoted and protected, instead of being made an equal of the inbreeders. And yes, I’m being judgmental;. As David says, “Civilization was built by being judgemental.  We must either be judgemental or perish as a civilized people.”

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