With the MSM finally starting to catch on to her creative accounting, the woman who has constantly droned on that she would be ready to lead from day one, has hit the panic button., Telegraph(UK):

Hillary Clinton’s most senior advisers are in a state of “panic” about her presidential prospects and are plotting to enlist Democrat leaders in Congress to thwart her rival Barack Obama’s ambitions.

When Mrs. Clinton’s senior advisers are all in a panic, it can only mean that Mrs. Clinton is in a panic.   Further, Mrs. Clinton has now thrown her campaign manager under the bus, Ben Smith, Politoco:

Clinton’s campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle, left the position today, to be replaced by Clinton’s former top White House aide, Maggie Williams. The change formalizes a shift in the campaign’s power structure that began to set in after Clinton’s win in New Hampshire,

More, Michelle Malkin.

Of by the way, Barack Obama won Maine.

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