Dan Drezner, who occasionally has been known to make a good point, makes one here:

Why does a man who received 0.38% of the vote in the last election merit valuable minutes on Meet The Press, not to mention hours of speculation about his candidacy and its effects on the 2008 campaign? Will Tim Russert bestow similar press time to the Libertarian Party candidate — who received a similar number of votes? Seriously, who gives a f***?…

I should think that much to be obvious; He’s preaching the anti-Bush, anti-War mantra. Sure, he’ll likely split the Democrat vote by however much he manages to pull, but the assumption here is that one cannot go against “The Template”, which of course is, if it attacks President Bush and the Republicans, it goes page one. If it SUPPORTS the president, it gets ignored.

By the way, Dan, get your tech people to check up on Apache. Not doing too well. Several 404’s in your comment section.

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