The debate, ladies before gentlemen;

Agan, Laure Ingraham, via Allah Pundit, Hot Air,.

Fer Tom Colburn, via Allah Pundit, Hot Air fer:

My two cents:   

As to Laura, I love what she said.   Draft  Ingraham – 2012 

As for Colburn,  I note that Colburn speaks like the Vice President designate.   If  Colburn is to be the Veep, I like the apparent fact that McCain accepts dissent.   Colburn had the audacity to attack McCain’s signature bill, McCain-Feingold.    I like McCain setting up Congress as the villain.   If McCain wants to dead fish Congress with pork barrel spending, McCain has those credentials, and further there is nothing Dirty Harry Reid, Mrs. Pelosi, Barack Obama or Mrs. Clinton can do to about it.    Reid, Pelosi, Obama and Clinton are all part of the problem.

As for Mitt Romney, if he want get elected in four years, he needs to rid himself of the image as an up dated version of Jack Kemp, a candidate with good ideas who simply can inspire people to vote for him.

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