Well, now… This was unexpected, but great news…

From the Shire Network Podcast:

Ezra Levant is our guest this week. Ezra is the former publisher of Canada’s Western Standard newspaper, who was famously hauled up in front of some sort of bogus Province of Alberta Kangaroo Court for a variety of thought crimes.

Show Exclusive: Shirlene McGovern, tormentor of Ezra, has asked to resign from his case! 

He fought back by arguing against the entire process, and posting a video of his encounter with the interrogator on You Tube. You can find all his videos and much more on his own website ezralevant.com.

Amazing what happens when you push back, ain’t it?

Addendum:  (David L)

Great news, Shirlene McGovern resigns?  No.   Great news would be that Canada has ended her persecution of Ezra Levant, and abolished, or at least greatly reformed, her Human Rights Commission.   McGovern was a  just foot soldier in the war, not the commander-in-chief.   The persecution of Levant continues, albeit with a new tormentor.

The good news coming out of Canada is not McGovern’s resignation, but growing sense that Canada Human Rights Commission should be abolished or reformed.   Sadly in the day and age professed nobility of purpose with noble sounding name provides sufficient political cover for the HRC to continues.


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