DavidL's Breakfast ScrambleLocal Hero: Out of the thirty-six car pile up, me and Bit boggged about here and here, we have a local hero, from WHEC-TV:

While dozens of cars and trucks were crashing into each other in blinding, blowing snow on I-390 Sunday, another driver may have prevented the accident from getting worse.
A man driving north on 390, pulled off into a U-Turn area and started flagging down on-coming traffic, warning them of the disaster in front of them.

It wasn’t me..  I have an alibi. Congratulations to our unnamed hero.

Bit complained about the stretch yesterday, more:

(February 12, 2008) – The area of Interstate 390 where blowing snow caused a deadly 36-vehicle pileup Sunday has long been prone to whiteouts, officials said Monday.

The state Department of Transportation, which oversees the highway, lists the stretch of 390 southbound from Brooks Avenue to Scottsville Road – where Sunday’s crash occurred – as one of seven area roadways “prone to drifting

Peeve: How about you, personally I am feed up with bieing treated like a non-hmaan.  I am a human being, I have a sex, not a gender, which ionly a proper of nouns, masculine or feminine.  Don’t ask is, I don’t have one.  So are you a real person or just a noun?

Video Salute: Keith Olbermann pays tribute to Johnny Dollar, Olberman Watch, via Hot Air:

Job well done Johnny.

What Olberman is too stupid to reaize that blogging isn’t all that expersive.  It is fun.  Bashing Olberman is a public service and that Olbermann provides a steady stream of fodder.

Video diss: via Byran, Hot Air:

P-O Chris. A two week suspension and on-air apology would be the the least ESPN should offer. We have already had too many Heath Ledgers.

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