DavidL's Breakfast Scramble

Conversation this morning:

Me: Good Moring.

Neighbor: How you doing?

Me: Cold!

Neighbor: Very

Thirty-six car pile-up near Scottsville, NY, Rochester, Democat and Chronicle:

Thirty-Six car pile-up, I-390, Scottville, NYFebruary 11, 2008 7:28 am – The scale of Sunday’s chain-reaction pileup on Interstate 390 is best described by the numbers:

Thirty-six tangled vehicles.

Twenty-five people injured, including one teenager who later died.
Wind gusts up to 37 mph and blowing snow made seeing past the hood virtually impossible.

“I’ve seen worse accidents” in which more people died, said Lt. Mark Warner of the Gates Fire Department. “But I’ve never seen the volume of this one.”

Same accident, as reported by ambulance chaser:

The accident occurred on 390 South near Scottsville Road in Vermont

The scene of the accident is about fifteen miles from me, and I have done that section of road plenty of times.  As I am sure Bit has.  Best winter time driving advice – don’t.

Mrs. Clinton: When will Mrs. Clinton’s new campaign manager, Maggie Willliams, explain whatt what she took from Vincent Foster’ office and what she did wiith the evidence?

DeWayne Wickham writes of the fading memory of Camelot:

Camelot has lost its luster. The nation’s love affair with the Kennedys has been dulled by the passage of time – and the de-deification of the Massachusetts family that produced a president, three senators and a prominent ambassador. In the nearly half-century since John F. Kennedy was shot to death in Dallas, the nation has discovered other heroes

There never was an American Camelot.  I’ll leave the British to resolve their own myths.

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