Overheard at breakfast:   “I wish this was the last snow fall of the season.”   Fat chance.  The fish wrapper shows we a future average of forty inches remaining.  Chances of getting none of that forty – nada.

Earth to Howie:   Howard Dean thinks he is gonig to broker a deal betwenn Barack Obama and Mrs. Clinton to prevent a floor fight at the convention.   Sure, Howie.  Party chairmen are figure heads, and fund raisers, not  decision makers.   If and when Mrs. Clinton and Obama make a deal, they will tell you about it.

Mrs. Clinton broke:  Mrs. Clinton does Riudyy Guiani route.. She has lent her campaign five million dollars.  Now what is the annual salary of a senator?   Meanwhile, the Obama campaign matches.   So just where does a United Statese senator get five milliion dollars?   From Norman Hsu?  I want to konw, and so does Amanda Carpenter   Is Mrs. Clnton using her husband, B.J. to funnel Chinese cash into her campagin?

Mrs. Clinton’s base.   In the various discussions of who to support, or not to support, the word I is seldom used except in regards to trust or lack thereof same.   Issues like the economy, and national security are battered around.

On the other side of the Moon, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign is all about dependancy.    Mrs. Clinton, a dependent woman pandering to other dependent women.    Mrs.  Clinton is feeding the demons of her dependent base.   She demonizes every institution which under educated dependent women do  not understand.    Mrs. Clinton’s base are the LIsa Nowaks of the World.

What Mrs. Clinton’s voters fail to undertand, or are indiffeent to, is that Mrs. Clinton can not provide health care to anybody.   She onlly take health care from some and give to others.   I for one, don’t want to live in world where Mrs. Clinton is making my health care decisions.   Do you?

Pet Peeve:   Back up beepers, am I the only person feed up with those loud obnoxius, aggrevating and useless back-up beepers?   If I were but empiror, I would lock every congresscritter who ever voted for those foul things and make them listen to them all day.   Ah seeet revenge.

NAGS:   There are all kinds of feminists.   Yet for some strange reason the militant angry feminists, say there is but kind of feminist,  and further that they speak for all women, except of course unborn women.    Then these same NAGs,wonder why so many women deny they are feminists.   Go figure!

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