The weather outside is frightful.   Good day to be a duck.

Mitt Romney:   I voted for Mitt.  He would make a good president.   Sad to say, Romney is just one horrible candidate, a modern day Jack Kemp.   Romney has won primaries in what three states, Michigan, Massachusetts and Utah.   All three could be called Romney home states.   Sadly for Mitt he can not seem to win a primary outside a home state and he doesn’t have any more home states left.

Mike Huckabee:  He proclaimed the race to be a two man race and that Romney is not one of them.   Sadly for the Huckster is out of southern states.   His Schick doesn’t sell outside the South.    Huckster is running for Veep,  and won’t get it.   He adds nothing to the ticket.

Veep:   Condi Rice.   I know that she brings no geological base and her policy strength foreign policy is the same as McCain’s perceived strength.    Still the democrats are headed to a brokered convention.  Either way a lot a black voters or women voters will feel that the party stabbed their candidate in the back.

John McCain:  It not my task to learn to trust McCain.  It is McCain’s task to give me reason to trust him.

Perfect Storm:  The Republican Party needs to reform her nominating process.   The process has been hijacked by non-republicans and is in the process nominating a person who hates the party.  John McCain likes the Republican Party just like Willie Sutton liked banks.   McCain’s delegate totals are dispositional higher than his percentage of the vote.   Winning every winner take all primary certainly helps.

Gipper:   Ronald Reagan was a democrat.   Had no problem supporting Reagan because Reagan didn’t change.   The Democratic Party changed.    In  contrast McCain has waged open warfare on the Republican Party and now wants the support of the party.   Sure John.

Brokered Conventions:  In brokered conventions the winners will be John McCain and Mrs. Clinton.   The Huckabee and Romney camps are naive and the Clintons have too many political chits.

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One Response to “Breakfast Scramble”

  1. Veep: Condi Rice.

    I told my wife last night that would be the one sure way to make me willing to consider thinking about imagining a scenario in which I might have a passing thought of voting for the GOP ticket in November.

    Just don’t tell McCain. If you do, he’ll pick Huckabee.