DavidL's Breakfast ScrambleChinese Junk:

LAKELAND, Fla. (AP) – The importer of a Valentine’s Day lollipop said it was voluntarily recalling the treats after metal fragments were found in at least two lollipops sold at central Florida stores

I don’t see a vast Chinese conspiracy.  I do see a general lack of consumer safety standards.

Chinese Trade Offer: Feministing:

And in “goody,” I mean ridiculously offensive. In the midst of a trade discussion in 1973 with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Chinese leader Mao Zedong offered sending Chinese women to the United States as as a trade, saying

As Kissinger was a diplomat, I suspect that he was being diplomatic.

License to Kill: Common Folk Using Common Sense.

Gun free zones only prevent the victims from being able to shoot back.

Excuse to kill: via Kathy, Five Feet of Fury, Chicago Sun-Times:

“I feel that I am committed to social justice, and if elected treasurer, I promise to serve the NIU chapter of the ACA to the best of my ability”

So said, Steven Kazmierczak the perp in the NIU shootings.  Nut jobs or presidential candidates, did I repeat myself, who claim some divine mission to redistribute wealth as they see fit, scare the hell out me.  And you?

Drugs to kill: Clayton Cramer:

Stopped Taking His Medication

From AP:

DEKALB, Ill. – The man who gunned down five people at Northern Illinois University in a suicidal rampage became erratic after halting his medication and carried a shotgun to campus inside a guitar case, police said Friday.
Nothing that says what the medication was, or what he was taking it for

Ann Althouse calls Jane Fonda a media whore., which she is I’ve called Fonda worse.  Professor Althouse kind of writes like Maureen Dowd would, if Dowd only had a brain.

Nice Deb asks “What’s Wrong With Henry Waxman’s Nose?” The problem Deb is that it is attached to Henry’s face.
Charles Barkley: full of it.  Barkley judges Christians wrong for being [gasp] judgmental.  To judge judgmental ism wrong, is to be well judgmental.

Indiana University Mens Baskketball:

BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Feb. 15 (UPI) — Kelvin Sampson remained the men’s basketball coach at Indiana University Friday despite numerous alleged NCAA violations regarding telephone calls to recruits.

Bobby Knight, who was run off campus, ran a clean program.

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One Response to “Breakfast Scramble”

  1. As regards China…there’s a lesson here to be learned, and questions to be asked. 

    For all of the product problems that we have been having with Chinese products of late, they do not begin to approach the level of product acceptance. China remains an economic threat to these United States. Possibly due to less effective regulation. The logical question to be asked as a result of that lesson is… How much of our business dominance, amply cost ourselves with the over-abundance of regulations aimed at quality and safetey?  Where is the breakeven point?