Words, mere words, Barack Obama’s stock in trade.   Obama has been campaigning in Ohio trashing NAFTA, whiile his campaign tells the Canadian government to ignore Obama’s words, CTV News(CA):

Allegations of double talk on NAFTA from the Obama and Clinton campaigns dominated the U.S. political landscape on Thursday.

On Wednesday, CTV reported that a senior member of Barack Obama’s campaign called the Canadian embassy within the last month saying that when Senator Obama talks about opting out of the free trade deal, the Canadian government shouldn’t worry. The operative said it was just campaign rhetoric not to be taken seriously.

Jim Geraghty, National Review,  scores this one for the Canucks:

I realize Obama’s campaign can still claim that one of his advisers went rogue in contacting the Canadians about his NAFTA rhetoric, but to me, this is game, set and match to CTV.

So is Obama feeding a line to the people of Ohio or to the Candians?   So such for improving our world standing.

Hat tip:  Ed Morrissey, Hot Air.   Byran who?

Addendum: (Bit)

Given that both Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama supported NAFTA in the recent past, there’s only one reason we’re talking about NAFTA now…


Their stated objection is that jobs are being lost in Ohio due to NAFTA. In reality, unemployment is down overall in Ohio and elsewhere because of NAFTA. Did you get that part? Read it again, until it sinks in.
The only damage done by NAFTA is on UNION jobs, and since they make up a small percentage indeed of the total workforce, even in the heavily unionised rust-belt.. you get the idea. . Which of course means that the guaranteed jobs for Union officials on the backs of the workers, are no longer guaranteed. You can imagine, perhaps how it is that they oppose NAFTA, inspite of the success it has been. And the Democrats, Obama and Clinton are fighting over Union votes, just now.

But face it, folks…Unions are why we now HAVE a ‘rust belt’.

The facts, run in direct opposition to the  leftist pap being offered.

As usual.

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