Me in email just now:

I don’t see it as those working against McCain as the ones selling out. Indeed, I see a vote for McCain as selling out both the party and the country. I fail utterly, to see the big difference, frankly between McCain, and Hillary Clinton, on both domestic and immigration issues.  Even in the comparative bright spot in his shtick, the Iraq war, McCain foundationally misunderstands what we’re about, there, as is in clear evidence when he starts championing ‘constitutional rights’ for terrorists.

Consider McCain’s recent statements as regards staying in Iraq for the next 100 year being ‘fine with him’. It’s fine with him, simply because he’s unwilling to do what it takes to win in Iraq. That becomes very clear when he’d rather trust and side with the leftist ACLU than to listen to our military advisers.

Under the best of conditions, war isn’t pretty, it certainly isn’t compassionate, except by quick result. Therefore, the best war is won quickly. We can try to water it down by refusing to torture our enemies, as McCain wants us to do, but if we aren’t willing to do certain things to our enemies, especially when our enemies are willing to do those very things to us, then we as a nation are not ready for war. Sorry, we’re just not.

And let’s not forget that John McCain’s supposedly so pro military, that back when Bill Clinton was downsizing the military, so as to pay for huge increases in social spending… (Remeber the “peace benefit?”) … John McCain didn’t stand up against that downsizing. He was “Missing In Action”, in reality

Matter of fact, consider John McCain’s statments in the leadup to the Iraq war. What was his position on the matter,  other than saying what an easy task it would be?  He was taking then, as now, a position of political expediency, not of conservative principle.

Further yet, it’s outright farcical to fight a war and at the same time let people come across our borders completely unchecked, and the McCain-Kennedy bill does just that, and lets us into the mind of McCain just a little at that. Barring the bellowing of the right over the issue, he’d still be pushing that nonsense.

Let’s also not forget McCain/Keating/Fiengold… possibly the biggest single attack on free speech seen since the revolution.

And further still, let’s consider John McCain teaming up with John Kerry in 1993 telling the American people that there were no more POW’s left alive in Vietnam. Perhaps you’ve forgotten that?

Let’s remember too, McCain putting pressure on President Bush over the Swiftboat ads.

Let’s recall McCain screaming about President Bush’s “tax cuts for the rich.”…a play directly from the DNC handbook.

Finally, he’s making pro-life noises now, but should we recall his 1999 statements? “In the short term, or even the long term, I would not support repeal of Roe vs. Wade, which would then force X number of women in American to undergo illegal and dangerous operations.”

Explain to me, how this guy is supposed to be any less damaging to our country than either Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama. I don’t see it.

Face it; No matter who, of these three, that gets into office, will cause an unmitigated disaster for our country. Given we’re all equal on that score it comes down to who gets the blame for it. If the Democrats get in and cause such disaster, they won’t be able to elect a dog catcher in Tyson’s Corners. The Republicans if they get into office, similarly.

In the end, in a rather roundabout fashion, this election will decide, by virtue of the resulting left-leaning disaster, who gets tossed out of Washington for the 20 years following 2012.

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