Eric Florack on February 24th, 2008

We grow again. This time, the BitsBlog Newsroom has added the feeds from the FBI. It’s linked off the front page of BitsBlogĀ  Newsroom.

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Eric Florack on February 24th, 2008

Andrew the Incontinent is back on his mountain, and expounds thus: It was extremely pleasant not to have to respond in real time to the McCain story. Reading the blogosphere as a simple observer, it was, however, a little depressing to see the knee jerk partisanship. Several liberal bloggers exercised some skepticism toward the story […]

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davidl on February 24th, 2008

A very profound understatement, via Noel Sheppard, News Busters: “It is clear that a termination can have a profound effect on a woman’s life.” Telegraph(UK) An artist killed herself after aborting her twins when she was eight weeks pregnant, leaving a note saying: “I should never have had an abortion. I see now I would […]

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Eric Florack on February 24th, 2008

WASHINGTON -AP- Ralph Nader said Sunday he will run for president as a third-party candidate, criticizing the top White House contenders as too close to big business and pledging to repeat a bid that will “shift the power from the few to the many.” The idea of him having a chance of even beating Ron […]

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Eric Florack on February 24th, 2008

Fran at Eternity Road makes an interesting point: Let us have a look at an AP story from yesterday, Lawmakers Crack Down on Abusive Teachers.  As always, I encourage you to read the whole article for yourself and draw your own conclusions, but it’s fun to select a few passages and add a bit of […]

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Eric Florack on February 24th, 2008

We grow yet again. BitsBlog is now taking NOAA’s National Hurricane Center feeds. These will provide up to the minute severe weather information 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, for both oceans. During the storm season, this will be a very serous resource. These feeds have been installed underneath the regular NOAA feeds. […]

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Eric Florack on February 24th, 2008

Now, perhaps it’s just me, but I’ve noted a trend that we should discuss as a nation… Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama seem to be fixated on the question “What can your country do for you?” They’ve apparently forgotten the person who they hold as a Democrat party icon, once intoned “ask NOT what your […]

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Eric Florack on February 24th, 2008

By way of fellow Swamp Stomper, the Dread Pundit Bluto, And Breitbart, we see AFP offering up: Presumptive Republican nominee John McCain Friday said he hoped Fidel Castro’s resignation would be followed by his speedy demise, and rapped Democrat Barack Obama for offering talks with Cuba’s next leader. “Fidel Castro announced that he would not […]

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