I commented last night on the state of Michigan, and the state of the economy there. Boortz did too, apparently yesterday noon time:

This is a state suffering under what people are calling a “single state recession.” The reason? A governor and legislature that wants to tax everything that moves and paint everything that does not. So, the candidates on both sides of the equation decided to preach the economy in Michigan. Every candidate, save John McCain, had their version of the “we’re going to bring jobs back to Michigan” refrain. McCain was a bit more honest in telling these people that those jobs aren’t coming back. They’ll have to work to develop a new job base.

Jobs? So it’s jobs you want? You want to see a boost in the economy that would create new jobs and lift all the boats? Well, let me tell you what isn’t going to do it. That would be those stupid $250 checks the MoveOn Democrats are promising to pay to every likely Democrat voter in the country.

Jobs have left this country because of our tax structure and regulation. Our tax structure takes the majority of the blame here. Roger Smith, the former HMWIC of General Motors told the Congress many years ago that the embedded taxes in the price of every car coming out of Michigan are having an adverse impact on the auto industry. Congress didn’t listen then .. and isn’t, for the most part, listening now.

He then goes on to tout the Fairtax. A great idea, but let’s be honest, it’s not gaining traction.  Still, the merits of reducing taxes vs raising them, is up there with the deals the unions shoved down the auto industry’s throat, as base causes for the demise of said auto industry. It’s a good thing they’ve got guards around that huge UAW mansion in Detroit… because if citizens of Michigan ever figure out how badly they have been screwed by the UAW, they’re going to need them.

And tax issues to one side for a moment, which party has been bending over frontwards for the unions for decades, now?   If the folks in Michigan ever wake up to that, Democrats won’t be able to get elected dog catcher there…. assuming they survive to the election.

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