In reading this bit last night from ABC’s blogs, I got to thinking a bit more about this Hillary Clinton tear festival we were all treated to repeatedly, yesterday.

Let’s look at the quotes from that scene:

“It’s not easy, it’s not easy, and I couldn’t do it if I just didn’t passionately believe it was the right thing to do,” she said.

“I have so many opportunities for this country. I don’t want to see us all fall back,” she said, her voice breaking in the last phrase.

“This is very personal for me,” she said to supportive applause from the small gathering, at which she’d been discussing policy around a table for an hour. “It’s not just political, it’s not just public — I see what’s happening. We have to reverse it.”

“Some people think elections are a game — it’s about who’s up and who’s down,” she said. “It’s about our country’s future, it’s about our kids’ future — it’s really about all of us together.”

“And some of us put ourselves out there and do this against some pretty difficult odds, and we do it, each one of us, because we care about our country,” she said.

So, let me understand this more clearly; Does Hillary Clinton really think that Barrack Obama, a fellow liberal Democrat, isn’t going to come up with the kind of liberal judges, laws and tax policy she would? In reality, you can’t fit water between them. So why the tears?

Look, gang, here it is. In the end, there’s only one difference between Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton: He’s not her. She’s not crying for the future of her country, she’s crying for HER. This is all about HER.

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Addendum: (David L)

All about Mrs. Clinton, or all about a third term for B.J.? I am inclined to say the latter. I have already suggested that Mrs. Clinton is crying because B.J. told her that it would be easy.

We know this. The Clinton’s can manufacture tears on clues, think Ron Brown’s funeral, and they will stage anything, think plants. Is this anything more than just another Clinton staged performance? I think not.

To put the events in a little street lingo, Michelle is having none of it.

What I will have none of is the inane notion that B.J. Clinton is some kind of political genius. No Clinton has ever won a majority in any national election. The Clintons are on the south side of Al Gore when it comes to political genius.

Addendum: (Bit)

Granted, all of it, David. And I do not doubt the performance was staged. In fact, I’ll state flatly that it was.

But to understand my point you have to remember how self-centered I think each of them,( her in particular)  to be.  Hillary Clinton thinks to this day it’s all about her, in my view. But how did she get here? Based on her married name.  That’s something she can’t admit to even to herself, and so she figures it’s all about her.  (Which is why, in passing, this is such a laugh, watching the gender Feminists dance all around these issues)

Understand further, please, that had she any actual accomplishments, Mrs. Clinton would be faring much better in the primaries.  The fact is, she has none… as she tacitly admitted, a few weeks ago when she was forced into embracing Bill Clinton’s record as her own.

No matter which way the Democrats look at it, by the polling data, the attractions of her running on her own record, and the attractions of giving Bubba a third term, are equally laughable.

Understand me clearly, here. This election, as I mentioned last night, is NOT about ‘change’… that much used and much abused word, that nobody, particularly those over-using it, seem to have a working definition for.  If it were, Obama wouldn’t be in the picture. His policies are carbon copies of Hillary Clinton. You can’t fit water between the two of them.  More of the same with a different skin color does not constitute ‘change’. Sorry, it just doesn’t.

For the Democrats,  this election is about getting getting someone espousing liberal mantra, whom they can actually trust… and the trust factor isn’t there when the Clinton’s names get mentioned.

Addendum:  (David L)

Ego thy name is Clinton    So which Clinton, B..J. or Mrs,, has the bigger ego.   That is bit like saying which is colder, the Arctic or the Antarctic.  

While Mrs. Clinton has a massive ego, B.J.’s ego is even bigger.   Mrs. Clinton has on occasion, think Gennifer Flowers, has taken one for her husband.  B.J. has never taken one for his wife.   In fact, B.J.’s hobby seems to be humiliating his wife in public.   Has Mrs. Clinton ever returned the favor, in public?

A large part of the problem with Mrs. Clinton’s campaign is that she can not control what B.J. says    While  Mrs. Clinton is crying,  B.J. is saying how tough she is.   Mrs. Clinton is disparately trying to keep the black vote from Barack Obama and her husband is saying that Mrs. Clinton is tougher that Nelson Mandella.

While Mrs. Clinton has no charm, Mr. Clinton simply does not know when to shut up.    It all about Bill. always has.

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