The New Republic’s servers, apparently, are having some problems with the load this article on Ron Paul and his racist past (And present!) is generating.  You can understand why. And after reading it you can also understand why the Paulbots are in full cry.

Now, certainly a liberal paper like TNR is going to come out  on the idea that Paul is not leftist enough.  And yo9u can understand their position. But then again, the links they draw are nothing we’ve not drawn here at BitsBlog. I’ve openly wondered in the past how brittle his support was among leftists…. whose only affection for Paul only extended so far as he is supposedly a Republican who doesn’t like the War in Iraq.

Scratch a little deeper, and you find all the tell-tale signs of a bigot… signs that the left… who supports Ron Paul today, usually attributes to run of the mill Conservatives whom they invariably oppose. Interesting, how narrow their vision is on this stuff.

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