• There’s apparently a video out showing those Iranian boats attacking US warships. No working links to the vid itself, yet.
  • An Honorable Mention at the OTB Caption Contest. Hillary Clinton’s always a good target.
  • Two folks talking at work today about that 150in Plasma TV Panasonic is showing off with at the CES…. “I wish I had a house big enough for one of those things.” “You kidding? You can’t afford the TV, anyway!” “No, I just want the house, ya know?”
  • I see Yahoo is saying they got together with JetBlue and launched something they call Beta Blue. Apparently, Yahoo chat and email is available on their planes. Neat, really, but it got me to thinking that other mergers with JetBlue, might not have fared quite so well. Take Microsoft, as an example. They’d get together and promote the Blue Plane of Death. (BPOD). Not much of a sales tool.
  • Don’t worry, Hillary, that your croc tears were not well taken. You’ll get it right eventually. Once you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it whipped. Just ask Bubba.
  • HIllary’s new Campaign song: “It’s My Party” (And I’ll cry if I want to)
  • I saw the increased news activity around Tom Cruise, the other day, and wonder what was up. Apparently, he’s the number two man at the Church of Scientology, now. Forgive me, if I fail to be impressed.
  • For all the leftist screaming about the exclusion of Ron Paul from the debates last weekend, Duncan Hunter was excluded as well. Same reasons, too. Funny how he never gets even mentioned, much less defended on the same ground as the Paulbots have been arguing. Ever wonder why the logic applied to Paul never seem to get applied for anyone else?
  • Turnout in New Hampshire is heavy… to the point where there is concern about running out of ballots.

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