• Quite the shouting match going on over at Q&O, over that bit that Billy referenced earlier this morning. The subject? Well, I’m convinced about half of those involved don’t know and another 49% don’t understand it. For the first time in bloddy years, I find myself in some degree of agreement with Henke when he says… oh, well, go read his comment, here. And then Erb shows up and provides the comedy relief. It’s as I said; “So much of this argument surrounds contextual application of principle… and most of the context goes missing, in these discussions, so much so that it reminds me of the old saw about a lot of blind men giving their perceptions of an elephant, and each coming to their own conclusions, all of them both wildly different and wildly inaccurate in the whole, yet each observation holding truth within the context of each speaker’s realm of understanding.” They’re arguing from two different concepts, and contexts. In the end, both sides are grossly misconstruing the original purpose of government and so will never understand the other, much less effectively debate the other. The sad fact is in the doing, they’re damaging what progress has been made on freedom. Yes, I said freedom. (Sigh) Absolutists have no concept of context. Even explaining, for example, the concept of “Harm”.
  • Now, speaking of ‘harm’, here’s a prime example of it; I see Mike Nifong has filed for bankruptcy. Mike Nifong Mug ShotCouldn’t happen to a more appropriate person. The harm he inflicted on those students for his own political gain should be a pillory example for DA’s all over the country.  Steve Verdon at OTB agrees, noting: Hopefully the plaintiffs will get punitive damages that are non-dischargeable an will haunt him forever.  Billy, meanwhile, echoes my own thoughts even more closely: I want to see that rotten bastard broken, crawling along a sidewalk clothed in burlap in the rain, and weeping for his life. He’s the one who took an awful power in hand and used it the way he did. He is no ordinary criminal. Quite the opposite, and the rest of his life should reflect the fact. Yeah, that’d be cool, but don’t hold your breath, guys…  It will not be…. and Steve, you being a legal type oughta know how that’s gonna go down.  And for the record, there’s a major difference between Dale Franks convicting someone for a drug crime and Nifong’s actions.  It alarms me that so many people I usually respect can’t make out the difference.
  • The Centcom pipe I opened up a few months ago got broken, somehow. I’ve since been working to repair it. We’ll see if I can get that going by this weekend.
  • I note with quiet pleasure at Bobby Jindal’s taking the oath of office in Louisiana. I see this as a direct result of Katrina, and the screw-ups of the Democrat party there.  Michelle has some links from the events, the other day.
  • It strikes me that the main difference between the Detroit Auto Show and MacWorld is the latter’s sober understanding that neither one is going to get it’s former market share back.

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