• Look at it this way, Dale; The Berkeley City Council serves Humanity as a bad example, if nothing else. And FWIW, I’m with you on cutting off their funding by the same token that they’re acting, here. Thing is I doubt anyone currently in a position to do that has that kind of moral fiber.
  • Novell logoI have a full load of Novell networking manuals… They took up a whole bookshelf. CNA, CNE, and lots more. Back in the day, these things were worth a bloody fortune. . the CNE and CNE books alone were $160 alone, and in 1980 dollars, too. Not sure just what to do with them, today. Hate to just chuck them, given the initial cost. Anyone care to complete a collection? Feedback me.

  • Cheeseburger in a can? The Cellar has it.  BBCT: Conservative Grapevine …. I think.
  • We see the New York Times endorsing John McCain. Has it occurred to any of you why such a leftist paper would want to endorse McCain?
  • AhhhnoldSpeaking of John McCain and endorsements, it occurs to me that the endorsement of Arnold Schwarzenegger may not be worth all that much.  In the short term.. as in the primaries, Arnold isn’t exactly popular among the Republicans in his home state. And in the longer term…. the general election… he’s not exactly Mr. Popularity among Democrats and independents, either. So I’m really not sure what such an endorsement brings to the table. But it IS yet another indication of McCain being supported by someone who isn’t really a Republican.
  • And finally, on McCain, I note a story posted at Michelle’s place about Jerry Perenchio. He’s the McCain 2008 FInance Co-Chair.  He’s also the founder of Spanish Language channel Univision.  He’s also tied by millions of dollars to the ultra-left-ultra-greens.  He’s also tied to a serious effort to prevent California from teaching English. That’s an effort that saw the channel’s owner providing millions of dollars of free airtime in promotion of it. Where’s the outcry about money in politics from McCain?  Starting to see a pattern, here America? Michelle has far more, of course.
  • James at OTB notes their fifth year online. Congrats to ya, newcomer, and many more.
  • Not that it’s any shock, but Limbaugh has noticed Billary playing the race card. Rush’s gotta start reading this blog more often. I wonder, though, when we reach the ‘break even’ point, with attacks on the Clintons.  I mean, at some point we’ll end up with the Democrats paying attention, and shifting support to Obama. I think Obama beatable in the general election, but we’d have to work at it harder.
  • Mark Steyn in NRO says “First they came for Piglet”. Boortz, meanwhile, cites another example of the bowing and scraping going on regards Muslims. I’m convinced us that the best thing we can possibly do in the war on terror is bomb them with good barbecue pork.
  • Oh, speaking of Boortz and Muslims, did you note the list, yesterday?  You may be a Taliban if:
    • You wipe your butt with your bare left hand, but consider bacon “unclean.”
    • You refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to beer.

    There’s lots more, of course.

  • It’s pretty much back to normal after the storm yesterday. 15° out this morning, and not much wind. Not much in the way of longer power outages, this time… most of the really weak links were taken out by the storm of two weeks ago. I’m reminded, though, of the way it works around here… the cold snap that follows such a wind storm is always felt more deeply by those who lose power from the wind.
  • I said last night that the President should be ordering, as a national security priority, domestic oil exploration and drilling it where it’s found. EPA laws on the subject should be over-ruled by this national security priority. I will expand that now with something I should have added last night; A call to add diversified locations in refining capacity. It makes no sense for us to have most of our refining capacity right where they can be knocked out by every hurricane that comes through.  while we have added a good deal of refining capacity in the form of expanding the already existing refineries, that still doesn’t solve the problem of diversifying locations.  What needs to happen is environmental laws and zoning laws need to be ignored and refining capacity needs to be built up in other locations in the country.  This can be done by presidential order… simply turn over former military bases to refining companies with the proviso that they get those refining capacities online within three years.

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