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Nightly Ramble:Identity Politics, Edwards Out, It’s McCain And Clinton?,Skylab II, Power Outage, More

Addendum: (David L)

Glenn [8]seems to think Bill and Hillary aren’t working well together. As I said yesterday, I’m not convinced he’s not working at her direction. It’s called ‘plausible deniability.

Non-concur.  I don’t think it is an act.  The Clintons have a marriage of political convience.  They don’t like each other.  Both are free agents.   Mrs. Clinton has never had any control over B.J..  Look at B.J. string of bimbos.  B.J. is all for B.J.  He wants Mrs. Clinton to get elected, so that he can get his third term.   I’d would not be all that surprized if the first act of Clinton 44 would be to have Clinton 42 put under arrest.    Mrs. Clinton has to have B.J. campaign on her behalf, because she too weak to win on her own.   However letting B.J. roam free is a perilous adventure.