• McQ puts up a few telling comments about Identity politics, in the context of the ever increasingly irrelevant “National Origination for (Leftist) Women. Not much of a shock that we both draw the same conclusion about NOW in particular… but I would spread that deal all over the Identity politics thing. It strikes me as train-wreck fascinating that the Democrats who are supposedly rebelling against racism, sexism and politics as usual, should be engaging in exactly that, with a couple of Chicago Pols leading the way over that cliff. This bit with NOS is only the most current example.
  • OK, so now we’re hearing that John Edwards has quit the race, as I predicted here several days ago. Talkmeister Boortz seems to feel this race is now down to two: Hillary Clinton and John McCain. While I’ll admit I’ve been thinking along the same lines for a few days, now, I’m not quite ready to concede that point, yet. First of all, Edwards supporters will end up in Obama’s camp, and so will add to his weight at the convention. Barring the Michigan and Florida delegates, that means a very close race indeed. And yet, I think we’re going to see an effort… an all-out effort, mind you… to get those delegates counted at the convention, which would of course push Hillary Clinton into the nomination. Meanwhile, the Romney camp came close enough to be credible in the other states going forward…. But in any event, if Boortz is correct, our worst fears are realized. Either way, I’m not encouraged by this election and the way it’s shaping up. Do you know, we’re talking about a choice between someone willing to harbor illegal aliens, and someone who has been harboring a rapist and both of whom are trying to out liberal each other in the use of other people’s money?
  • And by the way, McCain will get Rudy’s endorsement today some time, I think. (Confirmed) What ya wanna bet we see Rudy offered VP?
  • I am of the firm belief that the President should be ordering, as a national security priority, domestic oil exploration and drilling it where it’s found. EPA laws on the subject should be over-ruled by this national security priority. Yes, that means ANWR, that means offshore in Florida and California, that means anywhere we can find it. Florida, particularly is being drilled by the Cubans, for pity’s sake. It’s time we started getting in on that act. It’s ours, after all. We flood the market with it. We bankrupt the OPEC nations, in the process. Oh, and of course at the pump prices fall as a direct result. The oil’s out there, gang. It’s just that we’ve been so concerned about the enviro-nazis and the NIMBY crowd, that we’ve backed ourselves into a corner, thinking there’ no oil to be had out there. Not true. It’s time we started using what’s ours. Sadly, I don’t think either McCain, nor Clinton is smart enough.
  • I see by way of OTB that McCain has a ‘secret plan to capture BinLaden’. Forgive me if I’m not impressed.
  • Personally, I’m waiting for that spy satellite to land in my back yard. I figure the place needs landscaping, anyway.
  • John Hawkins has an interview with David Frum up, about the latter’s new book.
  • Glenn seems to think Bill and Hillary aren’t working well together. As I said yesterday, I’m not convinced he’s not working at her direction. It’s called ‘plausible deniability.
  • As if Ron Paul, and Dennis Kucinich weren’t bad enough, now Nader wants in on the act.
  • By the way, did you see that despite dropping out of the race, Kucinich still got 13% of the vote? One wonders how many of these votes were cast knowing that Kucinich wasn’t running anymore, and we cast as a lark or as a protest vote?
  • I’m still cleaning up the mess here at Casa de Bit. The power out didn’t help the systems here, at all.

Addendum: (David L)

Glenn seems to think Bill and Hillary aren’t working well together. As I said yesterday, I’m not convinced he’s not working at her direction. It’s called ‘plausible deniability.

Non-concur.  I don’t think it is an act.  The Clintons have a marriage of political convience.  They don’t like each other.  Both are free agents.   Mrs. Clinton has never had any control over B.J..  Look at B.J. string of bimbos.  B.J. is all for B.J.  He wants Mrs. Clinton to get elected, so that he can get his third term.   I’d would not be all that surprized if the first act of Clinton 44 would be to have Clinton 42 put under arrest.    Mrs. Clinton has to have B.J. campaign on her behalf, because she too weak to win on her own.   However letting B.J. roam free is a perilous adventure.

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