I am impressed by the Michelle Malkin’s army.   One of Michelle’s readers nailed John McCain for having open borders and anti-security advocate Dr. Juan Hernandez on his campaign.

A few facts.

Dr. Juan Hernandez is a Mexican citizen. 

Hernandez is on the John McCain campaign’s staff, as Hispanic Outreach Director.

Hernandez agrees with McCain’s positions on immigration.

Hernandez believes in open borders and that Mexicans and Americans of Mexican descent should think Mexico first.   To be blunt, Hernandez is not first an American.

Hernandez supports illegal immigrants stealing Social Security numbers.  

Video:, Byran, Hot Air:

I say McCain should either fire and repudiate Hernandez, or withdraw from the campaign. What say you?

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One Response to “John McCain Still Does Not Understand National Security”

  1. I have seen this guy on the O’Reilly factor in the past.  He essentially believes that part of America rightfully belongs to Mexico.

    I am working hard to get Mitt Romney a win in the Florida primary, but with Governor Crist’s endorsement of McCain, the nominee will be decided on Super Tuesday. 

    I want to start a website that allows people to pledge to vote against John McCain in the General Election and I need help from someone with the technical know how to get this done.  I will pay for the website domain: protestvote.com

    I will vote for Romney, Guiliani, or even Huckabee over any Democrat.  I cannot vote for McCain in good conscience.  There is a lot at stake this election (Supreme Court nominees) that McCain cannot be trusted with.

    McCain supports amnesty, wants to shut down guantanamo, and follows global warming hysteria.

    He doesn’t understand the 1st amendment (campaign finance reform), voted against the Bush tax cuts, and joined the gang of 14 to give liberals control of judicial nominees.

    He is ok on the war on terror and spending, but this is not counterbalanced by his other positions.  He gets joy from putting down the Republican Party. If elected it will signal the death of the Reagan coalition.

    I have asked McCain supporters why they would vote for him and their only answer is that they think he is the most electable.  I disagree based on his age and his alienation of the Republican base. STOP MCCAIN now.  Who is with me?