Wizard of Oz - twister

So uttered to me this morning.   The good news, is  that we don’t have Dorothy’s twister.   The bad news, it is far colder than a summer day in Kansas.   The morning fish wrapper said the peak wind speed should be fourteen miles per hour below hurricane strength.   That’s all for Rochester, NY this morning.

On to Florida, John McCain said of his win:

 “I’m the conservative leader who can unite the party.”

I may have been born, but I wasn’t born yesterday.    I don’t trust McCain, and he is giving me no reason to trust him.  How can McCain unite conservative, when is isn’t one of them and can not stand them?  McCain is still committed to open borders, higher taxes and less jobs.    McCain claims the mantle of Reagan conservatism, but violates Ron’s Eleventh Commandment.

Mitt Romey is not my ideal candidate, but I do not accept McCain’s visceral hatred of Romney.   Oh, I understand it, but don’t accept it  McCain makes nice with die hard core liberals like Ted Kennedy, Russ Fiengold and Joe Lieberman, but hates Mitt Romney.   Romney’s crime is that  McCain sees Romney standing between McCain and the nomination.    I have tough time believing that McCain is a conservative at heart.

If this were a two man horse race,  I’d bet on Romney.  He a slightly better candidate.  However in three man field, Mike Huckabee looks to prevent Romney from picking up any southern states.   Romney can beat McCain is lots of states.  He can beat both McCain and Huckabee in but a few.  The best I can see is a brokered convention.

As to the general, if the race comes down to the current leaders, McCain and Mrs. Clinton it will be ugly, very ugly.   Both have thin skins, bad tempers,  lack experience but feel entitled to the office.   If McCain will savage a republican to win the nomination, just imagine what he will do to Mrs. Clinton to win the general.   We  already seen what the “First Black President’ will do .   This will be both McCain Mrs. Clinton’s last chance for the office.   Parties do not renominate losers.   Expect disparte tactics.  Expect ugly.

Hat Tip photo:  No Place Like Ox.


I’ll decline to board the McCain band wagon.   McCain still has yet to win in closed primary.   By design, fraud or whatever, the Florida primay was an open primary.  Michelle has the details.

Speaking of band wagons, the John Edwards band wagon as gone wheels up.  I wonder with what campaign Edward struck a deal and what the deal was?   Barack Obama’s attorney general?

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2 Responses to ““I Feel Like I’m in Kansas””

  1. Well, it looks like my mind is being made up for me.  Come November I’ll be voting for Romney or if that isn’t a choice, I’ll be pulling the lever for none of the above.  I’m just about done with the Republican Party.

  2. Me too, Fers.