Gloria Steinem gives the gender feminist moo of the day in the New York Times.

So why is the sex barrier not taken as seriously as the racial one? The reasons are as pervasive as the air we breathe: because sexism is still confused with nature as racism once was.

Well, there is far greater difference between the two sexes, male and female, note not gender masculine and feminine, than there are between the several races. Ignoring the basic fact than men are women are different will not make that fact go away. Does any rational person believe that but for socialization men and women are the same?


I’m supporting Senator Clinton because like Senator Obama she has community organizing experience, but she also has more years in the Senate, an unprecedented eight years of on-the-job training in the White House, no masculinity to prove, the potential to tap a huge reservoir of this country’s talent by her example, and now even the courage to break the no-tears rule

While Mrs. Clinton claims thirty-five years of experience, she has nothing to show for it. Mrs. Clinton’s experience has been limited to cattle futures and managing bimbo eruptions. Mrs. Clinton is trying to run for president on the achievements of her husband, such as they are. Occasionally sleeping with the president is not being president.

Who questions Mrs. Clinton’s masculinity?

How is doing a Tammy Wynette impersonation of standing by her worthless cad of a husband serve as any positive role model?. How does run for office on the strength of her husbands achievements serve a positive role model?

The country needs a leader as president, and Mrs. Clinton is no leader.


Just how relevant is Steinem?   Not very.   The following ttems were pulled from, but not linked to, the Rochester, NY Democrat & Chronicle.:

  • Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban are expecting,”the couple are thrilled.”
  • Elizabeth Hasslebeck took her newborn son, Taylor Thomas to work.  Hasslebeck refers to herself as ‘”the dairy queen.”
  • Nancy Kerrigan and husband Jerry Soloman are expecting.   Soloman says “We are thrilled.”
  • Finally, Halle Berry is expecting   She says:
    • “It is true that I am three times the girl I usually am, I have to say that there are some really wonderful things that come along with that.”

So who, Steinem or Berry et al is more representative of American womanhood?

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