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Centcom Post 1/18/08

Defense Dept. announces Marine units for Afghanistan deployment [1]

Posted: 15 Jan 2008 10:30 AM CST

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Jan. 15, 2008) â?? The Secretary of Defense has recommended and the President has approved the deployment of additional units to Afghanistan in the spring of 2008. This extraordinary, one-time deployment involves approximately 3,200 personnel and will enable commanders in Afghanistan to enhance the training of increasingly-capable Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) to build on the military successes of 2007 and to expand the gains of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission.

Operation Phantom Phoenix: Pursuit of al-Qaeda continues [2]

Posted: 14 Jan 2008 09:09 AM CST

TIKRIT, Iraq (Jan. 13, 2008) â?? Operation Iron Harvest – a division-level operation in support of Multi-National Corps – Iraq’s Operation Phantom Phoenix – continues to pursue al Qaeda across four provinces of northern Iraq.

Large cache, underground bunker system discovered during Operation Phantom Phoenix [3]

Posted: 14 Jan 2008 09:04 AM CST

TIKRIT, Iraq (Jan. 13, 2007) â?? Coalition Forces discovered a complex cache site and underground bunker system inside a dense palm grove Jan. 12 near Esalwid, Iraq, during Operation Raider Harvest, a division-level operation that is part of the countrywide Operation Phantom Phoenix.

Coalition forces target al-Qaeda networks in Baghdad, Mosul; 15 detained [4]

Posted: 12 Jan 2008 07:57 AM CST

BAGHDAD, Iraq (Jan. 12, 2008) â?? Coalition forces detained 15 suspected terrorists today and Friday during operations targeting al Qaeda networks in central and northern Iraq.

MND-North Soldiers kill 4 extremists, destroy HBIED with air strikes [5]

Posted: 09 Jan 2008 04:15 PM CST

BAQUBA, Iraq (Jan. 11, 2007) â?? Soldiers killed four extremists and destroyed a house-borne improvised explosive device near Khan Bani Sa’ad, Iraq, with air strikes Jan. 6.

No fatalities as two F/A-18s crash in Persian Gulf [6]

Posted: 07 Jan 2008 01:49 PM CST

PERSIAN GULF (NNS) — Teams from USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) rescued all three aviators after an F/A-18E and an F/A-18F that crashed during operations in the Persian Gulf Jan. 7.

Troops target al-Qaeda in Iraq leadership; six suspects detained [7]

Posted: 07 Jan 2008 08:06 AM CST

Coalition forces detained six suspected terrorists yesterday during operations targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq networks along the Tigris River Valley.

Three power projects completed, turned over In Basrah [8]

Posted: 02 Jan 2008 12:11 PM CST

Army engineers continued their mission of helping the Government of Iraq jumpstart its electrical infrastructure by completing three essential power projects in the Gulf Region South district.

Afghan National Security Forces disrupted two major insurgent rings [9]

Posted: 28 Dec 2007 10:04 AM CST

Afghan National Security Forces, advised by Coalition forces, disrupted two major insurgent rings by arresting key facilitators responsible for improvised explosive device attacks against civilian and military targets Dec. 24, 2007.

Coalition Forces disrupt al-Qaeda in Iraq operations; five killed, 14 detained [10]

Posted: 28 Dec 2007 09:50 AM CST

Coalition forces killed five terrorists and detained 14 suspects during operations targeting al-Qaeda in central and northern Iraq Dec. 28, 2007.